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February 27

What a nice day for a walk about!
I need to run!  I love to run!  Helps me burn off some of the energy I have!  That's a good thing!
Hi Joe!  Got time for Mat lovings?  Oh ya...back scratches!
So this is where they throw the corn out for the turkeys!
While they're busy eating cracked corn...I'll finish sucking up the sunflower seeds!  You can tell Piggy hasn't been out, yet!
Joe... can you scratch my head?  It's itchy!  Do I have horns growing back?
Hey you guys... Joe's giving lovings!
Hey Joe!  Up here!
This way you won't have to bend over to scratch me! 
Oh...yaaaaaaaaa!  All over scratches!  Good job, Joe!

Joe... I need to talk!  Can we have some Donk E time?

Hey Joe...back here...I wasn't done yet!

Solly wants me to run with him...and I don't want to!  Oh!  Ear rub!  Feels so good!

Joe...Joe... I didn't get my ears rubbed!

If I don't run fast enough...he nips my but!  Oh ya... double ear rub!

Is it my turn, yet, Joe?  I didn't get my ears rubbed!

And when I do race him...he always wins!  And I'm always last!  Then he calls me a looser...and that hurts worse then the nips!

Hey Joe buddy!  Me, now!  My turn!  Me Me Me!

You really think he'll leave me alone if I tell him I don't wanna run?  I'll try it, we'll see what happens!

Joe!  Just keep your arm there...and I'll scratch my own ears!

Thanks for listening, Joe!  I love you, man!  Come down here so I can give you a Donk E hug!

Hey Donk E?  Wanna race? we go!  Let's see if Joe's advice really works!

No way...Solly!  Not when you get like that!
Run another 30 or 40 laps!  Then maybe I'll race ya!
I don't want to run with you either, Solly!  Not when you have that wild look in your eyes!
I'll just stay out of your way, Solly!  It's way to icy out there...for me!
I hope Joe brings back some pine trees!  We can't get to them with the deep crusty snow!
Yep!  Those will do just fine!

Awww.... come on, Donk E!  Two laps to the end of the driveway and back!

Nope!  I'm not gonna race you, Solly!

How 'bout one lap then?  Will you race me one lap?

I don't want to race you at all, Solly!

What...are you afraid of being a looser, Donk E?

There you go again, Solly!

Hey, you two...  Joe's back with fresh cut pine branches!  I'm gonna get me some!

Cool!  He brought beech tree branches, too, Mat!

Back off, Galahad!  These branches are mine!  Get those other branches...over there!

ahhhhh....Mat?  You're beginning to sound an awful lot like Solly lately...when it comes to food!  Have you noticed?


We're just checking out the bunny house to see if this is where we might want to lay a few eggs!

So what do you think? 

We'll ask her to build us some nesting boxes...right up there should be good! 

Fresh pine!  Cool!  Can we have some beech tree branches, too?
Hey girls...fresh pine!  Come and get it!
The pine is a treat...but I'm happy just getting lovings!
Fresh and sticky!  That's when it's at it's best!

Don't you want to try some of the pine, Juliet?

No... I was hoping for bread!

Do ya wanna race me now, Donk E?

That all depends on how tired you are, Solly!  Are you tired, yet?

I could do a few more laps!

Well... then go do 'em, Solly!

But I want to do them with you!

I don't want to race you, Solly!

Well...why not?

Go ahead... tell him Donk E!

Because you like to nip, Solly!  There!  How do you like it?

Ouch!  Donk E!  That hurts!

And that's for calling me a looser when I always come in last!

Donk E... you better stop that before I stop being nice!

I'm sorry, Donk E!  It's a horse thing!  It's just to help you move faster!

Hel...lo, Solly!  I'm a donkey!  Get that?  I he haw!  You whinny! 

Well, Donk E...what if I tried not to nip anymore...  would you want to race me then?

Will you promise not to call me names when you win?

I don't think I can promise that, Donk E!

Whadya don't think you can promise that?

I don't want to make a promise I don't think I can keep!
And I don't think I can keep that one!
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