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February 26

What made you think we were up to something?
Hey!  We have watermellon chunks!  Come on!  Or I'm gonna eat them all!
Get out of the way, Blue Bunny!
Yum, yum, yum!  Great treat!
Hey Dottie!  Somethings wrong!  I'm whissling when I talk!  I lost a baby tooth?  I think I swallowed it!  Will the tooth fairy come, anyway?
I just got my beak trimmed!  I get treats after!  That way I forget about being wrapped in a towel, laying on my back, and having her trim away! 
We just had two days in the 50s!  That helped melt some of the snow!

I'll grab the rake, Mat!

We're gonna try to clean up our own poo!

That way...You'll have more time to play with us!
We're gonna need the shovel, too!
We're just trying to help!
Donk E!  Now's the perfect time to tip it over!  It's empty!

OK!  Watch this!

I'm outa here before I get blamed for it!

Whoa!  That went over fast!
I wish I could tip it up again!
Is it time to play, yet?

Time for lovings!  Mat's going first...I go next, Donk E!!

I'm last...again!  How come I'm always last!

 A little to the the right!  Tell ya what!  Just keep scratching...don't move the hand!  I'll do the moving so you get right where I want!  Good Girl!  Oh...ya...get right in there! 
Oh!  Ya!  A between the ears massage!  Can you rub my ears after?

Hey, Donk E!  Wanna tip the cart over again?

Naw... I just got in trouble for doing it the last time! 

Well...I didn't, Donk E!  He He!
Whoops!  I popped a wheelie!
I didn't tip it...did I?
Love the smell of fresh hay!
I can't wait for the snow to end...and we can get out to eat the real stuff!
You just want to go up to visit the girls, Romeo!  Who you trying to kid?

When ya come back out... can you bring some sliced apples?

And some carrot chunks?

And Cheerios!  I'm craving Cheerios!

I'd like some bread, please!
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