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February 25

Where's my breakfast?  I'm starving!
Oh!  Yummy!  Carrots, spinach and banana!  Dottie kept everything separate to see which I'll eat first!  That means I like the most!  Snort, Snort!
Of course!  It's banana first!  I just love banana!  Peel and all!  Yum!
Then it's the carrots!  They're... so so!
Spinach is boring!  Probably 'cuz it's green and leafy!  I get green and leafy twice a day!  Every day!  But the other stuff changes all the time!
When it get's down to it... (an empty plate...)  it's all food...and it's all good for me!  Whatever it is...I'll eat it!  Hey!  I'm a pig!  Snort, snort, snort!
I'm all done!  Can I have seconds?  No?  We still have that diet thing going on?  Oh well...can we play something, then?
I like this game, but it's real hard to get them all!
The blue one is easy!  You just have to push the button down!
The others are harder for me to do, 'cuz the buttons go every which way!  I end up flipping it over!  Can you foot it for me so it doesn't go over?
Thank you!  That's a big help!
I think I should get an extra treat for the pink one because it was harder!  Cool!
I'm trying to get the green one, but my nose doesn't go that way!
And this red one is almost impossible for me to turn!
Do I still get treats for trying?
OK... I'll try it again!  I did it!  Cool! 

Hey Piggy!  You're not playing with a full stack, today!  What's going on?

These are the colors we're working on, today, Zeekie!  When I get the colors in order without being told... I get three pellets!

Well...gee....Piggy!  If you want pellets...there's a whole bunch of them, up here!
I have to do my tricks to get the pellets!
No... ya don't, Piggy!  Here!  Ya want a pellet?

Here's a whole bunch of them, Piggy!

Thanks Zeekie!  That was nice of you!  But I like doing my tricks!

Dottie puts the stand up... and I have to give them to her in the order they go on!  Red... blue...
and green!
Good girl!  You stacked them as fast as I could pick them!  Treat please!
I need to take a break!  Can you let me out?  I need the ladies room!
Dottie's sorry some of our indoor pictures come out blurry!  She doesn't like to use a flash!  It's hard, especially with the action shots!
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