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February 23  Part 2

You still out here, Piggy?

There's still seeds left, Mat!

Did you want to go in and play some, Piggy?

Go on up, Mat!  I'm right behind you!  Say...why didn't you cove over earlier to say hi?  Donk E did!
I didn't want everybody crowding you out at the feeder, Piggy!  I already knew you wouldn't want to go on a woods walk!  The snow was too deep for you out there!  It was too deep for me!

I figured that's what you were up to!  You kept saying...come on guys, let's go for a walk! 

So... what do you want to play with first, Mat?

I dunno, Piggy!  Let's see what ya have?

Bop toy's my favorite 'cuz it gives food!
I like the bowling!  You get treats for that, too! 

Did you want to go first, Piggy?

No, you can go, Mat...I'm still bopping my toy!

I missed one!
I got it for you, Mat!
Where's my treat?
Hey, Mat!  Check this one out!  There's a cranberry inside!  You have to open the box to get it out!

How do you open it, Piggy?

With your nose, Mat!

That was easy enough!
I'll play with the bop toy while you open the box!  OK, Piggy?
Hey!  I remember this!  If I press the blue button...the thing pops up...and I get a treat!
My turn!

Hey, Piggy!  I found an empty dinner plate!

It only get's filled twice a day, Mat!

Do I get a treat if I close the cover?
Hey, Piggy!  Wanna watch some TV?
Ahhhh!  neck scratch and shoulder massage!
Back scratch!  Doesn't get better than this!
I was wrong!
Oh!  Cool!  Animal Planet!  My favorite show!
Yesterday they had Mountain Goats I thought of you!
  Can I go outside, now?  I have to go... really bad!
Dottie... can you pick up my toys, and clean my room?  It's a mess!
Oh, ya!  I go potty outside!  That's why I can go in the house all the time!
Dottie said...that's a good thing!
I really do have the best of both worlds!

It's way to hot in the house for me!  So it's good that I can be out here with the boys!

Hey, Mat!  You're back!

Piggy and I were watching Animal Planet, Donk E!

I want to watch Animal Planet, too!

That does it!  I really want to be a house Donk E!

Dottie...can Donk E come in next time I go visit Piggy?

I promise to be good...honest!

I promise to follow all your house rules!  I keep 4 on the floor anyway!
I don't eat newspapers!  And I like to bowl and I really want to watch TV!
And I promise I won't poo in the house!
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