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February 23

Do you still promise to be nice if I walk in front of you, Solly?

I'll try my hardest, Mat!  I promise!

Hey, Mat?  You're walking too slow for me...could you step aside and let me go ahead?

It's 'cuz I have littler legs, Solly!  Not a problem!  It's easier when you go first, anyway!


I asked him nicely!
Yes...  you ...did, Solly!  And I'm proud of you!

I told you I'd try!  I like nice! 

Hey, Mat?  Can you step aside for me?

I know...I know!  I'm walking too slow for you 'cuz of my short little legs! Yaaaaa!

Hey, Mat?

That's it!  I'm walking in the other track!

Mat...Why'd ya go over there?  It's not like there's anybody else behind us!

I know why you went over there, Mat!  Because Solly found food, and we can't move 'till he's done eating!

Hunh?  Solly found food?

We don't stand a chance to find anything...with him walking first!

I'll walk with you, Mat!

Hey, ganna share any of that?

Ahhhhh...finders keepers?

I don't want to walk behind you, Solly!

I think I see something green up ahead!
I can't see anything...but snow!
In all my life, I've never seen the snow so tall!  There is nothing out here to eat!  We were better off at the barn!  At least we had hayto munch on!  This really stinks!

Hey guys...I can reach something!

Good for you, Galahad!

Ya...good for you!

Did someone find something?

Why Solly?  Do you want to eat that, too?

Well...Ya!  Can't let it go to waste!  Not much out here, to begin with!

That's 'cuz you ate everything, Solly!
Hey...Donk E!  I just found some fresh fallen pine sprigs!  Want one?

There'll be plenty to eat back in the corral, Galahad!

I could really enjoy a sip of water right about now!

I can't believe you wouldn't even share that oak sprig, Solly!

I was trying to tell you guys I would share, Donk E...

I was trying to be nice.... and it's not nice to talk with my mouth full!
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