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February 21

Here comes Dottie!

She has a bag with her!

Wonder what's in it!  Carrots or bread?

Big carrots!  With the skin still on them!

I was hoping for smushed carrot stew!  But this will do!
I'm trying to push this over...but it's too full!
Hey, Donk E!  Wanna give me a hand over here?
Well, then... maybe I'll just push over the poo rake!
What is it?  Pizza crust?

I like pizza crust!

I'm next after you, right, Galahad?

Gimme, gimme, gimme!
Mmmmm.... I can taste the pepperoni!
Bread is the very best treat!
Can we go for a walk, please?
I'm outta here!
Me, too!  Hey, Donk E!  Wait for me! come they got bread and carrots...and we only got pizza crust?

Yes...I liked the pizza crust!  But they got carrots and bread!  I like that, too!

It's nice to get out and walk!

Hey, promise to be good?

Yes, Donk E...I'll be good!  Promise!

Mat, buddy...wait for me!
Hey, you guys!  Aren't ya coming?  We're gonna walk down the driveway!

I can't get out...the snow's too deep!  Can you shovel me a path to the bird feeder?

I was hoping for a wider path...but this will do!
Feast at the bird feeder!  How can those birds eat these seeds... and still stay small?  This stuff goes right to my hips!  Oh...but they're soooo gooood!

Ha Ha!  We can tell Galahad was here!

Ya?  So?  That's my poo spot, Solly!

But do you have to do it in the middle of the driveway?

Well....ya!  That way everybody knows I live here!  What's wrong with that?

Solly...stop picking on Galahad!  You promised to be nice!

If you can't be nice...I'm gonna butt you from here to that?

I didn't realize teasing was not being nice, Mat!  We all tease eachother!

Yaaaa...but with you, Solly...if we give you an eat the ruler!

Hey, Mat...speaking of food...  Wanna go check out the bird feeder?

Naaaa.... I'd rather just go for a nice peaceful woods walk!  See if we can find some oak leaves or something!

Oh...Mat...Tee!   Piggy's at the bird feeder!

Hi Piggy!  We're going for a walk!  Wanna come?

Hi Donk E!  Not busy feasting!  You guys go, and have a good time!

But Piggy... it's such a nice day!  And you always find the good stuff!

Donk E... I can't go out there!  The snow's much to deep for me!

You can walk in my tracks, Piggy!

That's sweet, Donk E...but the snow is taller than I am!  I'd be lost!  You go!  I'll finish off the seeds, here!

Piggy want to stay here, guys!

Thanks, Donk E!  You go have a nice walk, OK!

Let's get out there and see what we can find!

Good luck, boys!  Munch munch!

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