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February 19  Part 6
The end of a very long day!

You know, Mat?  I was thinking... if we did knock the barn down...maybey they'll build us a new barn with our own rooms!  Maybe even get a TV, like Piggy!

I don't think that's a good idea, Donk E!  If that happened...they'd be busy for months, and then we'd never get to play with them!

Ya... you're right, Mat!

Well... I'm glad that's over!  Hey, look!  Dottie's putting more hay out!

All that work really made me hungry, Galahad!

I wonder if she has any Cheerios left?

Time for us to start roosting!  We snuggle up to get ready for bed!
If we feel like a snack or a sip of water...all we have to do is fly down, then fly back up again!
Fresh food and water... and a treat!  Thanks for breaking the bread in little pieces!  It's easier to eat it from your hand!

You gonna try some, Duckie?

I'd rather get my neck scratched, Annie!  Dottie...don't forget to collect our eggs before you head in!  We don't want them to freeze!

You're welcome!  It was our pleasure!
Apple chunks!  They're warm, too!  You musta had them in your pocket!
I was hoping for oatmeal...but this will do!
The sun's gone down, and the shoveling is done! 
How come you're walking all bent over, Dottie?  Hey!  Can we have a big carrot too?
We're all inside eating our dinner!  Dottie will come back again to give us treats after she's done feeding Joe and the others!  We like those times, the best!  She doesn't bring her camera because of the flash!  That means... we get two handed lovings!  She actually sits down so we can all snuggle her and get our ears rubbed!  We think ...she thinks ...those times are the best, too!
Talk about ice coffee!  Time to gather up the cups and bring them back to the house!
Well it's about time you came in!  I've been waiting for you!
I have to go potty!  While I'm out... can you clean up in here a little?
My room's a mess!
Thanks!  Now can you top off my water bowl and fill my bop toy?
My bowls almost empty, you know!
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