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February 19  Part 5

You're in for it now, Solly!

Bring it on, Donk E!

Ha!  Ha!  I got you back, Solly!


Take that, Donk E!

Ouch!  Solly!  That hurts!

That's it, Solly!  I don't want to play with you, anymore!

I'm sorry, Donk E!  I didn't mean to hurt you!  Just get you back!  I got carried away!

Come on, you guys!  Can't you just try to get along?

Donk E started it!

Solly just nipped me...again!

I said I was sorry!

I said I was sorry, Donk E!

You said that before, Solly!  I don't believe you!

Honest, Donk E!  I didn't mean to hurt you!

Talk to the tail, Solly!

Awwww...come on, Donk E!

Go away, Solly!  Leave me alone!

Donk E...I promise I'll be good!

Too late for that, Solly!

Why can't Solly understand why no one wants to play with him when he acts like that?
That's how the other horses treated him before he came here!  So he thinks it's "normal"!
Whatcha got there, Dottie?
A bale of shavings?
Shavings!  What's she up to, now?
(Sniff sniff)  They're pine!  Too!
Pine?  I love pine!  Here!  Let me help!
Just like the skin on a banana!  You have to peel it back!  Like this!
Then you get to eat the stuff inside!  Look at all this!  It's like a buffet!
He He He!  An empty poo cart!
Too busy to give Donk E lovings, hunh?  Well .... take that!
Now... who can I blame it on?

Hurry up, Mat!  Before someone comes!

I'm trying, Solly!  Which one of these things start the engine?

You guys are gonna get into troub...ble!
How can we get into trouble, Galahad?  We're just trying to help!
Don't you realize... the more you try to help...
The longer it takes them to finish!
I wasn't thinking of it, that way, Galahad! 

We just figured... if we can start the tractor ...we could do some of the work for them!


Well then, why don't you help us, Galahad!  The four of us could do it!  With your long legs, you can step on the gas!
Once you get it going... do you even know how to make it stop?

I didn't figure that out yet, Galahad!

Ya... So don't worry, Galahad!  Mat can't even get it started!

That's probably a good thing!

Did you ever think what would happen if you knocked down the barn?

Um.... no...

I know!  We'd get a new barn!

And who would have to build it?!!

Nice fresh barn bedding!
Where ya going with our old bedding?  There's still some good stuff still in there!
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