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February 19  Part 4

Now comes the fun part of "digging out"!
We're gonna run out of room to put all the snow!

It's nice to be out after being stuck in the den with you, Romeo!

Hey, Juliet!  It was warm and comfortable in there!

Thanks for the fresh hay, Dottie!  It keeps my tail from freezing!
The sunshine feels so good!
I can feel me thawing already!
Dottie had to shovel out the pheasant cage because the snow was so high, the fox could just look into their window!  Not a good thing!
Then she had to shovel around the outside of the corral so the fox couldn't just "walk over" the fence!
Joe was busy snowblowing the snow out of the corral so we had a place to walk!
This is Joe's snowblower!  It goes on the back of his big tractor!
It shoots the snow 30 feet in the air!  Funny story:  Dottie was behind the fence shoveling, when Joe started blowing!  She got covered with snow...twice!  She held up her shovel to let Joe know she was there, but he didn't see her in time!  When he finally saw her, she was covered with snow, and bombarded with critter poo!
Dottie had to clear a path all the way around,  4 Feet wide, so the fox couldn't hop the fence!  The fence is 5 feet tall!
Hey, Joe!  Why are you shoveling off the roof? 
All this snow...has to go!
All this snow has to go, too!  It's a lot of weight on the roof!
The snow, here, was 6 inches from the top of a 5 foot high fence!
There was at least a foot of ice that had to be chipped through!
This side is done!  Yea!
Now for this side!  The snow drift went up over the fence!
All this snow had to be dug down to go level with the top of the hill!
Here's where Dottie was wondering if she was making it easier for the fox! 
Joe had lots of roofs to clean!
You shoveled all the way around?
Three coffee cups!  It's been that type of day!  Go in to thaw...come out with a new cup!

You guys...I see Joe do this all the time!  It's one of these things!

Hey Mat?  Want me to "push start"?

Don't look now, but Dottie's watching!

Ha!  This one makes the bucket go down!

Cool! Can you start it up, Mat?

You guys...Dottie's still watching us!

What!  We're only trying to help!

Ya!  The more help you have... the faster you'll get done!

You guys have been pushing snow all day!  We want some attention!

If we have to... we can wait 'till you're done!  We waited this long!

Hey, Donk E...let's get into something!  That always gets her attention!

How do I make the bucket go up on this thing?

I'm getting pretty good at this tractor thing!
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