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February 19 -  Part 3

Aren't you guys coming?  What are you waiting for?

For you to walk ahead of us, Solly!

That way you can't nip our behinds!


I kinda enjoy Solly walking ahead of us, Donk E!

I know, Galahad!  We can go at our own pace and just enjoy being back in the forest!  And with the deep snow...he can't turn around and nip us!  I like that!

Hey, Donk E!  My track ran out!  The snow's too deep for me!  What do I do?

Oh!  Ya!  That's easy for him to say!  "Go around and then follow my tracks"! 
The snow's almost as tall as me!
Hey, Mat!  We're over here!  It's warm and sunny!
I could use some warm and sunny right about now!  I wish I had legs as tall as Galahads!  I'd feel like a monster truck! 

Hey!  Look, Donk E!  I found a piece of pine tree!  Yum!

Good thing you have a neck like a crane, Galahad!

What?  I passed by food?

It's gone, now, Solly!  He He!

Hey, you guys...can we go home now?  The snow's too deep for me!

Sure, Mat!  Ouch!  Solly!  You got me!

Go on, Donk E!  Head home!  Now (ha ha ) I'm behind you...the... whole...way ... back!  He He He!  Get up there!

We're doomed!

What a great comeback snack!  Fresh greens!

We couldn't reach any in the forest!

Will you guys let me in there?

Oh...yum...the very top tips on the tree!  How good is this!

This is pretty good, too! 

Don't say that too loud, Galahad...Solly will hear you!

Did I just hear somebody say there was "something good"?
After the quick run home...and Solly got in trouble...he's trying to be good by just walking ahead down the driveway!

Hey, Mat!  Aren't ya gonna walk with us?

I think I'll hang up here, with Dottie!

Wow, Solly!  Look how tall the snow is! 
Are we ever gonna see green stuff again?
Too bad you didn't cut some green stuff and save it for us! 
That's what hay is?  Hay is really dried green stuff? 
You're kidding me, right?
All we heard was "Hay" and "Green Stuff"!
Can I have some lovings before you go back to work?

I can't believe she won't let us in the corral! heard what she said, Donk E!  Let's go tell Joe, "he wants us"!

She shooed us away, Solly! 

 Well... Hey, Donk E!  If she's gonna be busy for awhile...let's go see what we can get into!

You guys... Dottie told us to go find Joe and tell him he wants us!  Remember?


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