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February 19 - Part 2

I'm happy to lay right here, and suck up the sunshine!

I think I'll stay here with Galahad!  It's nice and warm!

It does feel good, Mat!

Naaaaaaa.... I don't want to go for a walk!

Neither do I!

That's a lot of snow, Galahad!

Yep...I'm happy right here! 

Come on, Dottie!  Open the gate!  I gutta get out of here!
You know how I get after a big snow storm!  We don't want we?

Oh!  Great!  Now we all have to go for a walk!

Ya... get some exercise!  I don't need exercise...I need hay and sunshine!

You guys should stop your whining and just be happy you can walk around out here!  The snow in our corral is way too deep!
Hey... you guys!  Wait for me! 
Where's Solly going?
Hey, Solly!  You OK?

I was just chilling out and thinking how nice and peaceful it was, Mat!  That is... t'ill you showed up!

Not a problem, Solly!  I'll just go check out the bird feeder!

That was rude of you, Solly!  Mat was just making sure you were OK!

I told him the truth, Donk E!  It was nice and peaceful ' till you showed up!  I better get to the bird feeder before Mat eats all the seeds!

Nice and peaceful... 'till we showed up!  Can you believe him, Galahad!

That's Solly for you, Donk E!

Hmmmmm.... I could use a little nice and peaceful, Galahad!  Especially after the snow storm!

While you get your nice and peaceful moment, Donk E ...I'm gonna go check out the bird feeder!

Oh...ya!  This is nice!
And it is peaceful!  Warm sunshine... no wind!  You can even hear the birds singing!  Ya!  They're singing "Get away from the bird feeder so we can eat"!  He Haw!

Hey!  Joe, buddy!  Taking a break from pushing all the snow?


Do you have time for Donk E lovings?  Of course you have time for Donk E lovings!
When you push my hair back like make me look like a pony!
Hey!  Anybody wanna go for a walk?

I don't know about this, Galahad!  You know how Solly gets after a snow storm!  He'll want to run!

He did promise Dottie he'd be good, Mat!

Just stick with me, Mat!  I'll make sure he doesn't run you over!

How ya gonna do that, Donk E?

Come on, you guys!  What are you waiting for?

You keep going, Solly!  We'll walk behind you!

If I go first...I can't make you run!

That's the idea, Solly!

Ya...he can't nip us either!

It's much nicer having Solly lead... instead of pushing behind us!
Dottie!  Why are you going the other way?
What do you mean "you have work to do"?  You're not gonna leave Solly with us...alone...are you?
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