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February 19

We got more snow last night!  Now it's up to the top rail of the front corral fence!
  Brrrrrrr.....and it's cold, too!
We just hung out in the barn, while it snowed!
About time you got here!  We've been waiting all morning!
I am so ready for breakfast!
Can I help you get our bowls ready?

At least the sun came out! 

Finally!  It sure feels good!

Nice and warm!

Hmmmmm!  Should I ....or shouldn't I?  I could, ya know!
I like getting hayed up here!  It's nice and warm!  The sun feels great after being gone for days!
It's so bright out here!  I need some sun glasses!

You're blocking my sunlight, Donk E!

How come it keeps snowing?  Are we ever gonna see green stuff again?
Oh, Ya!  Nose scratch!  Oh... that feels so good!
Ohhhhhhh...ear rub!  Even better!
Do I hear lovings going on?  Donk E?  You getting lovings?
Yes!  Solly!  And they're my butt out!
He He!  Talking about butts, Donk E...
Why don't you move yours... out of my way!
OK!  My turn, now!
Cool!  Ear rub!  make sure you get the other ear, too!

Gee...Donk E.   I can't believe how Solly just smoozed in there and moved you away!  You're gonna let him get away with it?

I know, Galahad.   But what am I suppose to do?  Be like him?  "Out of my way Solly"?  Ya right!

Well...why not, Donk E?   Show him what it's like!

Ya...right!  You know what he'll do?

Yes I do, Donk E!  He'll see what it's like to be pushed aside!

Ya... you do have a point, there, Galahad!

Hey, Solly!  Walk away!  I wasn't done, yet!
He He!  Do I hear a chicken squawking?

I mean it, Solly!  You walk on and let me finish my lovings!  Then you can come in for a turn!

You tell him, Donk E! 

Not a problem, Donk E!  I was done, anyway!

Good!  Now it's our turn!

Hey, Donk E...why don't you ask Dottie if we can go for a walk, today!  I was gonna, but then you shooed me away!
Can we go for a walk, Dottie?
A nice warm up walk...would do us good!  Warm us right up!
I promise to be nice!  Trust me!
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