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February 17

Dottie's coming!  And she's bringing a bucket of hot something!

I can't wait for this snow to be gone!

Ya...and eat some of the fresh green grass!

(Thanks for the caption, Elizabeth!)

It's oatmeal, wheat stuff, carrots, apples, cranberries and pieces of bread, all cooked together!  Then smushed!  And it's hot, too!  Well... not hot!  By the time she get's it out to's just...right!

Don't forget the brown sugar!

Then Dottie sprinkles it with some grain and corn!  She puts it on paper plates so we don't get our dinner plates all yecky!
Oh!  This is good!  Oh!  This is good!  I can feel ...even my tail ...warming up!
Happy Donk E!  The cranberries add a nice touch!   Thank you sooo much!
The chunks!  I love the chunks!  Smushed just enough! 
Did you make us apple dumplings?  I love apple dumplings!'s nice and hot!  And there's smushed everything in here!

Ahh!  I can breath again!  The steam defrosted my nostrils! 

Bumma... I'm almost done!  I wonder if we get seconds?

I'm done!  Can I have some more, please?

I better woof this before Solly tries to eat it on me! 
It feels good just wiggling my lips in it!
Hey Donk E!  Isn't this her best batch, yet?
Ya!  Solly thought so, too!
He just bullied me away... and then ate the rest of my smushed stew!
Well... I might a nudged Donk E a little.  I looked over and he still had some stew left!   So I ate it!  I couldn't help myself!
Now I'm finishing mine!  This stew is really good!
The dumplings are to die for!  Well... they're not really dumplings, just chunks of bread cooked in the stew!  So good!

Do we get seconds?

It's about time you got up here with the stew!  By the time we get's already cold!

It's still hot, Bunnie!

It's good, too!

Hey, Bunnie!  Where's Shadow?

She's sleeping in!

Oh, well!  You loose!

Hey, Duckie...don't you want any?

No... you eat it, Annie!  I'd rather have lovings!

Oh...ya!  Just get right in there!  Ahhh...shoulder massage!  How good is this!
This hot carrot stew is greatly appreciated on a cold day like today!  Thank you so much!
Oh!  Smooshed apple dumplings!  This is delicious!  Good job, Dottie!
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