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February 15

Hey!  Why'd ya take all our hay bedding out?

Ya!  There was still some good stuff in there!

It looks like hay...but it's yellow instead of green!  It's softer, too!

It's called straw!  It's edible, too!


 Can I try some?

Back off guys!  This is mine!

I don't think so, Solly!

There!  Now it belongs to Donk E and me!  Go find your own pile... you straw hog!
Not a problem!  I'll eat this pile of fresh hay over here!

The green stuff on the right is hay!  Long dried grass!  We get fresh hay twice a day!

The gold stuff on the left is straw!  It's a byproduct from wheat!  They take out all the wheat kernels, and what's left is the straw!  We get it for bedding when it gets really cold out! 

The straw is hollow, like a drinking straw!  The air space is like insulation!  It holds the heat in when we lay down on it!  Hay is flat, and doesn't have the insulation quality that straw does!  But then again...eating hay keeps us warm on the inside!
We bunnies got a covering of straw to keep our underground den warm!
The community room got a thick covering so we can lay down and relax in the nice soft straw!  Dottie stuffed it everywhere to make sure we stay warm and comfy!  It's gonna be a cold one, tonight!

Duckie and I got fresh straw to nest in!  It will help keep us warm!

Dottie built us a little room with a light bulb to help keep us warm!  It works nice, too!
Hey Romeo!  She stuffed under the bench with straw!  Cool!

Thanks, Dottie!  I can't believe how cold it is! 

You topped of our water bowl and filled up our pellet bowl!
I love this heated water bowl!  And the filled pellet bowl!
Ahhh! A fresh pine sprig!

Gee, Juliet!  It's still sticky!  It's like a pinecicle!

Munch munch yum! tail is frozen!  Could you lay down some hay for us?
Thank you!  Much better!  Now...can you move our pine sprig over here?
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