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Welcome to another week!  Donk E and I are getting ready for a walk about!  He needs to learn how not to get between me and my leash, so he can't break me away.
Solly won't be coming because he's in another time out!  He gets the whole place all to himself!
His time out started because I came up to Dottie for an apple, when she was on the front deck!
Solly came over...and told us to move over...if there's an's his!
Then he herds us into the corner! 
and if we don't stay in this corner...he'll chase us back in!  There is not one blade of grass here!  He wants the whole field to himself...

Oh...come on...I was only kidding!  It's a horse game!  Keep them in a pen...

I'm really good at it!  They're getting better!


  We get to go for a walk!  First thing...dirt bath!

 This isn't just a walk in the woods, though.  Donk E has to learn it's not good to break me away when I'm on the leash!  Solly taught Donk E how to do it so that they can both run and chase eachother!  It scares me...and my nose is super sensitive.  So we need to teach DonkE how to be "considerate".  There's that word again!  I like that word!

If I start to go near the leash...Dottie says (quite sternly) Don't Think About It! 

So I don't!  I walk away.  She tells me I'm a good me lovings...and then I get to go eat again.

The break away thing is fun for Solly and me!  I didn't realize that it could hurt someone.  So, here I am...learning how to be "considerate" .  That must mean...not to hurt someone. 

Donk E is being really good!  Every time he starts to cross over or under my leash...Dottie says "NO", so he walks a different way!

I really appreciate you being considerate, Donk E.

Not a problem, Galahad...I didn't realize it hurt you...We just want you to be able to run free with us!

I love Galahad!  I would never want to hurt him.  I know hurting hurts, from Solly!  I just like to play and be a "good" boy!  So I'll be considerate when Galahads on a leash!  That won't be that I know...!
That Donk E!  He is just so sweet!  How can you not love him back?
Where did he go?
Hey Donk E...where'd you go?
I'm coming...I'm coming!
Hmmmmmmmmm.....double leash...what do we have here? this a test or something?
I know better, now!  Think I'll just walk around the tree and go to the other side!  Yep!  I did the right thing!  Dotties clapping and saying Good Boy Donk E! George...I think he's got it!



Not a problem, Galahad...I'll go around!
Don't cha just love him?
Dottie let go of Galahads leash so he could walk on his own!  We're heading back to the yard!  I did real good, today!  I learned how to be considerate! 
Because we did really, really good...we got some free time to just walk around and eat.  Dottie went over to talk to Solly...and give him some quality time!

Oh!  My turn, now? 

 It's about time!

I was beginning to think you forgot about me!

I've been really good...

even though I was in here all by myself...

with no one to pick on...I mean play with...

Hey Dottie....can you let me out now...

maybe go for a walk or something?

Ya!  Can we go for a walk?

I'll go get Galahad!

We got to go to the front field!  Joe stopped mowing it so that we can mow it for him!

Dottie let go of our leashes so we could go where we long as we stuck together.

What she's been doing is...walking up to each of us, gives us a goodie, then walks away, again and again, over and over!

I see you sitting there...reading a book!

I know you have a pocket full of goodies, too!

Here I come!  You look like you need a Donk E hug!

I knew you were holding out on me!

Then I got to give her a big old Donk E hug!  Just about knocked her over!

When Dottie walks over to me...she'll say "stand", so I stand still.  Then "touch", where she puts her hand on my back.  Or she'll say "head", I have to  place my head in her hand and she'll hold it for a bit, 'till she says "ok"!

Then I get some favorate treat!

Okay!  I've been good!

Where's my treat?

When she whistles...we come to her!

That means treats...or lovings!

Dottie is so happy that I'm being so good without her on the end of my leash!  I even got extra goodies!

Seeing that we're all being very good, today...

Can we go for a woods walk?

Hey you guys...

Woods Walk!

Hey...wait for me!

I wanna go, too!

Look out!

Make way!

Coming through!

That Solly...always has to be the leader!

Hey!  Here's one of our walking tricks!

Dottie will tell us to "walk ahead". 

So we do!

We keep walking till she says "turn around"!

When we hear that...we turn around and come back to her!

When we get back to her...she'll say "touch".  That's when we stand still so she can either hold our halter, or touch under our chin.  That way...if she ever needs to get us quickly to keep us safe...she'll be able to!

Then we get treats....YUM!

When I come when she calls me...I get a treat!  But she has to touch me first, too!

I wasn't gonna break Galahad away... honest!

I was asking if you would let him off his leash so that we can all run together.

I wish that I could run free like them....

Wow!  She took my leash off!

I can't believe it!

She's trusting me...again!

This is not what I expected when I asked for you to let Galahad off the leash.  Why do I have to be on it while he gets to run free?


I can't believe she's keeping me on this leash so I don't try to get them to run with me to the big field...where all the really tall grass grows!  This stinks!

Come on, Galahad...roll with me!

Naw...I just want to lay here and soak up the sun!


This is the life!

What a beautiful day!

And the sun feels so good!



This is nice!


Wait for me!

Why do we both have to be on a leash?

Probably so that we don't try to lead Galahad astray....

He'll follow us back if we all stay together.

This is so cool...

to be able to run free through the forest!

I can stop and eat where I want!

without dragging that pesky leash!

That was so great!!

Stretch out the old legs!

Hey, you guys...wait for me!

I'm back!  Maybe if I'm good tomorrow,  you'll let me out again...without the leash?


I wonder.........

There you are!

Hey...Blonde Chick.....

Have you seen Baaart?

I think he's up by the barn!

Come on...let's go see!

Gut some lovings for me?!!!

I've been waiting for you to open the door...

I'm hungry!

I'll hold the ball...and you try to kick it....


We learned how to get into the duck yard pretty quick!
With Donk E chasing us one way...

and Solly chasing us the other way....

we sure get our exercise!

That's why we run into the bunny place...

it's a safe spot where the big boys can't bother us!

I don't mind the baby ducks feeling safe in my area...

I just don't like them eating all my food and making my water dirty....

So Dottie said she would fix it so that they had their own safe spot to go, and I'll have my place back!

Here we go again!  Whenever this wagon shows up...something is gonna happen!
She's really gonna make me my very own space!

She took the gate away!

Look at all the hay they have in there!

What a diference a day makes!  Well...really two!

Now everything has a roof!

And the bunny place is done!

Underneath all this sand is a layer of chicken wire.  That way I don't have to worry about anyone digging in!  I can still hop out and run around the yard!  But the ducks and Solly and Donk E can't get in!  It's my very own space!

And she even put my log back and covered it with fresh hay! 

And my food and water bowl...even a stool in the corner by the door so I can hop over the duck barrier!

It looks pretty sharp from here...too!

I am trying so hard to dig in to you, Juliet!  She chicken wired the whole thing!


Where are you?

Dottie gave away all my brothers and sisters...and even my mom!  She said we had way too she found them excellent homes!  I'm the only one she kept, out of my batch.  She named me Eagle.  She'll be training me to do tricks, too!  I miss my family...and I keep calling for them.

I'm listening real hard... but I don't hear them calling back.

I keep calling...and listening....but they don't answer.

I'm all alone...and I'm scared.

Blonde Chick...can I hang out with you? 

With ME?  You wouldn't even talk to me, before!

That was before...this is now.  I'm afraid to be alone...and you're the nicest chicken here! it?  Come on with me...I'll keep you safe!

I know how the little guy feels!

Of course I'll be his buddy!

We all miss the little ones running around...but they were roosting at night...over Baaart!  He wasn't too happy!  Heard him tell Dottie that it was like a video game...and he was the target!

I'm sorry you had to find a home for the chicks...but it was a bit much!

We'll have more babies in the spring!

Little to the right.....ya...right there!


I love you!

You know that...don't ya!

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