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Good Morning!

We hope you have apples in that bag!

If you could hear these trees!  There has to be a million birds singing, this morning!
I get the hay bin all to myself!
My turn for breakfast?  Phylis brought the flower essense drops over last night, so this will be my second day on them...again!  Third times a charm!  The last two times I was on them...everybody liked me!  When I ran out...they said I went back to normal...what ever that means.  It probably isn't a good thing, because no one wanted to play with me.  They said I was mean.  I'm not really mean...I just get a little bossy...that's all!
Dottie is getting our home ready for the winter.  She's been adding branches that she'll cover with hay.  We'll make tunnels and hiding spots when shes done!
We love you!
We have plenty of food....but I'd rather have lovings!
Thank you for the new decor!
If I hide her barn rake...she'll have to play with us!

Oh...come on!

Give me lovings!

Let's go for a walk!...

I'll get my halter!

Here ya go!
Come on....take it!

Only kidding!

Ha Ha!

Come want it? 

But I don't want to let go!

Oh...come on...I was only playing with you!

Here....take it!

Ha Ha!

Got you again!

You want it?

You want it?

You get it from me!


you win...

Here...take it!

No, really!

I'm sorry...Here really...take my halter!

It's just that I don't want to wear it.  Solly grabs me by it...and leads me around. 

I'm getting a head pat!  And a good Donk E!  But I still have to "get dressed", if I want to go out!

Can I come out for a walk, too?

I've been good!


Here we go again!  Ow Solly...that hurt!'re being too rough...I don't want to play with you!

Oh...come on Donk E!  I was only playing!

You're too bossy, Solly!  I told you...if you're gonna be mean...I don't want to play with you!  You were mean!  So I don't want to play!

Please let me out, Dottie!

Solly's being a bully again!

Oh...all right....I'll give him another chance...I'm not happy about it, but I'll try again...
Dottie put Solly back on his flower drops.  It took 4 days for him to mellow out, the last time!  I don't think I can be that patient!
He has the whole field to eat in....but he has to get right in my face!

I can't take anymore of this!

I'm out of're not fun to be with.

Ok, Dottie....I gave it another try...

It didn't work!

Will you please let me out, now?


I have to stick up for myself!

Stop picking on me!


How do you like it?


I love it, Donk E!

Gonna get cha!

He just nipped me...ouch!

Oh come on, Donk E!  You're tougher than that! 

No, Solly...I don't want to go for a walk with you...let me go!

Dottie!  He has me by the halter again!

Can you help me out here ?

You're a real pain, Solly!  Right where you nipped me!

Aw Donk...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you!  I just get this thing that takes over....I forget to think!  Come on, Buddy...let's race!  Last one back is a rotten apple!


You're on!

Come on, Donk E!

You're slowing down! cheated at the corner!  That wasn't fair!

Oh yeah?  Well let's try it again!

You're on!

You're cheating again, Solly!
I beat him this time!

No fair, Solly!

You cheated by running across the field!

Okay!  So we'll do it again!


I'll get you this time...and no cheating!
Ha!  See how HE likes it!
I'll get him this time!
Hey Donk cheated this time!

It's no fun to play with someone who cheats to win!

I know, 'cuz I do it all the time!


I run faster than Donk E!

Is it cheating if you let the other guy win?

Come on, Donk E!

Mush... you huskie!

Hey Solly...

What's a huskie?

We both won that one!

Do it again?


And no cheating this time, Solly!
Stick right to the fence!
I'm putting everything that I have into this one!

You did good, Donk E!

You beat me fair and square!

You did pretty good, yourself, Solly!

Come back in and play with me, Donk E!

I'm too pooped to be bossy, right now!

That's a good thing, Solly!

Hey Dottie....over here!

I'm in my pen!   Can you put the leash on me and let me out?


Hey...where are the boys?

Now that the yard is empty...I get to walk up to the way back barn!  It's really peaceful there...with out the boys!

I have to stop and rest after a few steps, now.  But I'll get there!

What an embarrassment!

Dottie had to help me get up the step!

These days...even laying down hurts!

Never mind getting up again!

Dottie fluffed up a big pile of fresh hay for me, and we just laid there, talking about the good old days!

We just hung out together for over an hour!  She'd scratch my back and neck and tell me about all the people who love me!

Some of those stories were so funny...that it brought tears to her eyes!

Yep!   I'm the best goat, ever!

And I'm loved...that's the important thing!

And that I love back!  Dottie calls that my "gift to the world"!

When all the boys are out...Dottie lets us out to explore!
The Rock Thing is our new safe space.  If we get scared we run in there to be safe!
What a great morning!  Birds singing, sun's out, Galahad taking a snooze!
Good idea, this spot taken?
Oh yes...peace and quiet!

Hey you guys!  Whatcha doing? 

Wanna play?

Come on...let's chase eachother!

Oh...come with me!

You can snooze later!

Hey Galahad...what's in the bowl?

Back off Donk E! 

Oh...come on, Galahad...whatcha got in there?

Donk E...back away from my bowl!

I'm armed with an alpaca spit ball!


Yeck!  You got me right in the ear!  I'm out of here! alpaca has to do what an alpaca has to do!


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