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God Bless all those Human Souls affected by 9/11

And their Critters, too!

Good Morning!

I'm having a bad hair day...aren't I?

Do you have a piece of carrot in your pocket for me?

Oh!...Thank You!

Here you little chickies....a nice big crust of bread...just for you!
Notice how we ate all the stems off the leaves?   That's the best part!  The branch is pretty tasty, too!
Fresh carrots....fresh leaves...fresh water...If you are what you eat...then I must be a fresh bunny!

Here's Kyle chasing me!  I'll take a few hops...and let him catch up...then hop a few more!

I kept him going for awile!  Bet cha he'll sleep good tonight after HIS visit to the farm!


I'm not happy about being in the time out pen, expecially when there's company...but at least they came over to pat me and give me lovings!  I'm in here...because I try to hog all the attention. 

That's Lucas?  A baby Human?  He smells like milk!
We get alot of Father and Son visits!  It's a fun thing to do...and we like it too!  They always stop in to feed the bunnies!

This is the very first time I had a little kid sit on my back!  It was cool!  I had babies sit on me....but this is my first boy!

Dotties dream is to design and build a chariot that will be able to accept a I can take them for a ride!  She wants a ramp on the back that will fold up and lock once the chair goes in.  It's a dream...but that's how things start to happen!

I'm Dotties snake...Monty!  Yes...I'm a python!  Not a big one...I'm a ball python...cuz if I get scared...I wrap up in a ball!  They also call me a "childs python"  because I'm so gentle by nature.  I'm 25 years old...and have been with Dottie longer than Baaart...if you can believe that!  Dottie lets me teach people how not to be afraid of snakes.  I teach them it's kinda like gossip.  Don't believe what you hear...get to know them for yourself before you judge.  You'll find I'm very loving and calming....and I give very good neck massarges!  I raised the same two groups of 4 - H kids as Baaart!
Dottie opened the flap on the door, today!
We're not sure what to we're waiting for the big door to open, before we go out!  It's a big world out there! And it's a little scarey!

Okay!  Let's go...the door's open!  You first!

Dottie put some food outside the door to coax us a little.  Hey! worked!

She kinda herded us back to the door after she closed the big door and opened the little flap in the front.  We walked right past it...then got a little scared because we didn't know how to get back in...
We didn't know what to she herded us back to the door!  It's important for Dottie to know that we can get back into our "safe" area!  Otherwise...we can't come out if she's not in the yard to watch us!
We found the door...but it's an awfully big hop to get up and through the opening!

I can't reach it!  Give me a boost...will ya?


I made it!  Phew...that was tough!

I made it!  Hop up with both feet and beat your wings!  It worked for me!

Okay, Solly...I'll horse play with you just as long as it doesn't hurt....Okay?

Race you to the top!

Now it's my turn to chase you!

Come on,!

When I run like this....I feel like I'm flying!

It feels like my feet don't even touch the ground!

No wonder!   They're not!  Ha Ha!  I'm flying!

Ya Solly!  You think you're so fast?

Come on...I'll race you again!

You're doing good...Donk E!  You're getting faster every day!

I owe that to you, Solly!


It feels real good to run that fast!  And I'm running...out of energy!

Come on..Donk quitting now!  We're on a run!  Ha Ha...get it?  A run!

Ouch!  Solly!   You nipped me!   You promised horse play wouldn't hurt!

  One more lap Donk E...and that will be it!  Okay?  Come on...get up there!
The little bugger is getting faster!  He did good today!  I didn't mean to nip him, though...and I caught myself!  After the fact!  I figured...If I play "nice", he'll want to play with me again, tomorrow!  I guess it is more fun to be nice...cuz you get friends to play with.  And if you're end up all by yourself!
We decided to let Solly be the barn boss.  As long as it doesn't hurt us!  Baaart didn't want the job, and neither did Galahad!  And I sure don't wanna be's not my nature!  And that's okay with me!  So we all decided to let Solly take the job!  But he has to be a nice boss. 
Dottie put Galahad on the long leash...all by himself!  He's been very good about staying around!

I get to go anywhere I want long as I "hang around"!  Dottie says I can go "where ever", as long as she can still see me!

That's not a problem...because I feel safer when I can see her, too!

I know I'm not allowed to go over the bridge!  That's a no-no for all of us!

What is going on here?


Joe had company today...and I went over to get my ears rubbed!
We're the one group of 4 chicks!  We all hang out together.  The other chickens have their own little "group"...and the Blond Chick...well we don't have much to do with her...she's too... different!  She'll go running up to people and eat right out of their hand.  And sometimes she'll even lay down so people can pat her.  We don't do that.  It's just not...right!  And she hangs out in the big barn with the big critters.  And her best a...goat!  Can you believe that!  A goat!
Yep...I'm the Blonde Chick!  The one no one likes.  It's their loss really...but who cares?  Even at my last home...all the other chickens were like that too!  Does the term "hen pecked" mean anything to you?  Well...there you go!  I don't really even think of me as a chicken!  I'm just a member of our farm!  I, too, consider of the herd!  And I'm proud of it!  And Baaart...well...if you got to know'd love him too!  In his long lifetime...he made so many people happy!  It's a blessing just to know him, never mind be loved by him.  He's my best friend here!  If the "others" can't deal with's their problem...not mine!
This is my clutch of little chickies...and it's my job as a mother, to keep them all safe.  I teach them all day long.  There's a lot to learn about being a chicken!  Like what to eat...what not to to to stay warn...and keep cool.  I keep them away from the "others" because I don't want them butting in with their training!  The Blonde Chick...she's just sad because she's too old to have chicks of her own, and I don't want her around MY babies.  She's too big...and could hurt them.

Just for I'm teaching my chicks how to stay cool!

We lay in the sunshine...because everything needs sunshine!  See how we lay on our side and hold our wing open so the heat can get out!  We actually spread our feathers you would your fingers!

And last... but NOT least...We are the ducks!

We don't hang with the chickens, yet...cuz we're still too young.  And let me tell you!  One of those little suckers pecked me right on the top of the head with his pointy little beak!  Youch!

I heard Dottie say having Solly was like being pecked to death by a duck!  We don't understand that...because our bills are soft and really tickles!  So we don't think that's what she ment!

I am the "Spooky Kitty"!  I'm just checking out the "fowl" chickens!  All those baby birds sure look tempting...but I know better!  We all do!  Our the barn to get the mice that eat the grain!  And let me tell you...we do eat well! 

I'm just scratching an itch at the corner of the pic nic table!  Really...why is she even taking this picture?

Because I'm so cute?  Oh!  Okay then!  Snap away!

Hey Dottie...can you let me out now?

So this is where Dottie goes when she's not with us...

What are those wood things...and how does she get up them?


I'm Zeek Kitty...I'm laying in the middle of the trail...waiting for a chip munk to try to cross it!

Donk Es not coming up he?

Sigh...I hope he's not building another home for more critters!

About time!

I've been waiting for you for an hour!

Can I please come out?

I'll be good!

Don't wanna waste anything!  Joe just filled all our hay bins with this nice, fresh, tasty, fresh cut!

Oh how we love him!

Before Romeo and I moved here...we were cage bunnies.  Our feet never got the chance to touch the ground!  It was all wire, with a roof.  We didn't have much human contact...just food and water, and maybe a treat...Once in a while...his grand kids would come by to visit.  The man really loved us, and felt he let us go to a new home.  Look how happy we are now!   

And look how far we've come!  We the time Dottie and the Critters are ready to do their show for the Double H...Romeo and I will be so gentle, that we'll sit on a towel on a persons lap to be patted.  That's her prayer, anyway!

Dottie would start to pat me from my nose to my back...then she's massage my shoulders!

And when she scratches my back...Oh...that is heaven!
I'm still working on this Maple branch!

Hey Dottie...the doors open...can I come in?

Not yet?  You mean there's a chance?


What's neutered?

The doors open!  Come on...let's go get the bugs before the chickens come back!

Dottie said I'll be able to go back in with the girls in the fall!

She said Dr. Teddy is gonna neuter me, so I can't make more babby bunnies.  She said everyone here on the farm is neutered...except for Momma Cat...she got spayed.  And the rooster...if there was a would be done!

Once I'm neutered...then the girls will be able to come out and run around, too!


Solly...were you neutered?
Oh ya!  She got ME in the fall!
Here you go, Donk E...some nice fresh stuff under here!
Solly!   You're sharing!
Ya!  Well I'm gonna help you eat it too...Okay?
Some things never change!
I'm sorry Donk E!  Nasty started creeping in.  I'll just go to my room and finish off what's in my hay bin.  Enjoy your breakfast...I'll catch you later!

Which one do I want?


These apples are right off the tree!  Talk about juicy!  Yum!
Allysa and her Dad came back for another visit!  She's holding the hoop for me so I can go through!
Allysa!  What are those things on your feet!  You shouldn't wear shoes like that around us!
Allysa...can I tell you something?  If I go to nuzzle your toes with my lips...they're gonna feel like 10 baby carrots...right in a row!  I might not be able to help myself!  And you definalety don't want to get stepped on by Sonny!  He weighs a ton!

Okay!  Through the hoop I go!


Allysa...can I have a carrot, please?

Oh!  How sweet!

She's offering me a carrot!

I would rather have lovings!

Ah...that's nice!

You are the sweetest little girl!
Does she have any carrots left for us?
Now I'm gonna go through the hoop all by myself!  I'll show you how to do it!  Then you can try! 
It would be easier for you to do...because you only have two legs!

Donk E...why do you keep going through the hoop?

Well,'s an easy carrot!

Donk E!  When did you start fetching the keys?

I saw Solly get I taught myself!  It works!

Here's the keys, Allysa...

now give me my carrot!

That's a girl!  You learn quick!

You've been working so hard today, Joe...that I think you deserve a Donk E hug!
Give a hug...and get your ears rubbed!   It works for me!
Hey...Dottie? I'm not happy with the ducks eating my food and making my water muddy.  I mean...I don't mind sharing my area with them....but it's not fair that they ate all my food!

But Romeo...our food is way over there in the duck area...yours is right here...and we got hungry!

But Romeo...we're ducks!  We mix the dirt with water, then we stir it around to look for bugs hidden in the dirt!
Well...this is my area...the bunny area!  You didn't have to eat all my could have left me some!
Chill out, Romeo...we didn't think you minded!  We're sorry we ate all your food...Okay?

Look at that...nothing left but crumbles!

Come on guys...we got him upset...let's give him some space!

Thanks, Dottie!  With those baby ducks...if you give them an inch...they eat the ruler!
Be careful...and remember not to put any dirt in the bunnys water....okay?
I'll get over it faster...if you open the door and let me in!

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