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February 1
Mats First Dream...Ever!

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Whoa!  Where am I?  Oh...I'm back in the barn!  And I'm a goat again!  Bummer!    What are you guys looking at?  And why are you snickering? 
I think I just had a dream!  Like what Piggy was talking about!  

 Hey, Mat!  Where ya going?

I hafta know if Piggy saw it, too, Donk E!  I'll tell her you said hi!

Boy!  I'll never hear the end of it, from those guys!

I wonder if Piggy and I had the same dream?  Can you share a dream? 
If Piggy was in my dream...she must of seen it, too! 

Then again... I couldn't see her dream!  Even with my eyes closed!

It would have been cool flying around, dancing on ice!

Hey!  Hi, Mat!    What a great day!  Now that you're here... it's even better!
Piggy!  I think I had a dream last night! 
And you were in it, with me!  Did you see it, too?

It... was...

 so cool!

Let's go for a walk!    And I'll tell you all about it!
I'd love to, Mat!  I'll meet you around the bird feeder!

Did you want to go for a walk, Piggy?  Or did you just want to eat?

Munch...crunch...munch... Oh...but these sunflower seeds are delicious, Mat!   Munch...munch...munch!

Hey, Mat!  Where'd ya go?
I'm over here, by the oak pile!  It has moss on it!
Don't eat it all!  Save some for me!
The ash bucket!  Hard to believe this stuff use to be wood!

Mat...let's take a woods walk and find some real food!

Are you sure it's not too cold for you, Piggy?

 It's warm out, today...Mat!  If you can consider 27 being warm!  After the last few days we had... this almost feels like spring!

So...tell me, Mat!  What was your dream like?

It was like we were in a movie... or somethig! 

It started off with us riding a bike, together!

I was riding a bike, Mat?

Yes, Piggy!  We both were!  On one bike!  It had two seats!

We were dressed up in funny clothes and we were singing a song!

That sounds nice, Mat!

It was nice, Piggy!  But it was a little wierd!

What's so wierd about dressing up in funny clothes?  We do it all the time!  It' fun!

Oh!  It was fun, Piggy!  We were dancing all over the place!


And we rolled down a hill and ate a whole field of flowers!

That's cool, Mat!  If it was my dream ...I would have made it oak leaves instead of flowers!

Then I was pushing you on a swing!
I was on a swing?!!
Ya!  And you knocked me over, too!
Mat dreamed  that I could fit on a swing!  How sweet is that!

That's when we rolled down the hill!  And ate the flowers!

You mean oak leaves!


You know what was wierd, Piggy?

Doesn't sound like your dream was wierd at all, Mat! 

Piggy!  We were human!  Well...kinda sorta!  And I liked it!
Hey, Mat!  Wait up!
In my dream... we were human...too!  And I was skinny!  So what happened, next?
Then I gave you a ring... and asked you to marry me!
Oh!  Mat!  Did I accept?

Oh...ya!  That's when you knocked me down again!

How cool is that!

So what happened next, Mat?

I woke up to Donk E, Solly and Galahad standing there, snickering!  They said I was singing in my sleep! 

And it was back to being a goat again!
Oh... that's a bummer!  I was hoping for a happily ever after!
Piggy...come on!  I'll walk you back to the house!  It's starting to get cold again! 
I'm coming!  Brrrrrrrrr....I didn't realize how cold it got!

Thanks, Mat!  That was a really great time!

Did you want to come in and watch a movie with me?
Not today, Piggy!  I better get back to the barn!  I'll come back tomorrow...ok?
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