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February 3

Hey... you guys!  The gate's open!  Who's up for a walk?
Cool!  I could use a good run!  But it's so cold... the wind chill would freeze me!

What's the matter, Donk E? 

Solly closed the gate on me, Mat!

Well just push it open, Donk E! Come on!

Come on, Galahad!  We're waiting for you!

I'm coming!  I'm coming!

I really need to go for a walk!  Those guys just keep teasing me about singing in my sleep!  Jeesh!

Hey, Mat!  Why don't you ask Piggy to come along?

It's too cold for her, Solly!

I found a piece of pine!  My lucky day!
Wanna share that, Solly?
This snow is sure deep!  Good thing Joe made us a track to walk in!

Come on, Mat!  Out of the way!

Don't rush me, Solly!  Ouch!  You hit me in the butt!

Well get it moving, then!

Why are you so grumpy, Solly?  I thought you were gonna be nice!

I was being nice!

There's just too much snow!  It's covering all the food!  And the stuff that's not can't get to!

You ok, Mat?  I saw what Solly just did to you!

Yaaaa...I'm ok!  He's just grumpy 'cuz he can't find stuff to eat with all the snow!

There's all kinds of stuff to eat!  We just can't get to it!
Hey look!  Dottie's laying down in the snow!
You OK... Dottie?  You saved the camera!  Good girl!
Here...let me help you up!

I can't budge you!  You're too big!

Need some Donk E help, Dottie?


Come on...grab my ears!  I'll help you up!

It's not fair, Donk E!  All the stuff out there and we can't get to it!  Look at it all!

I am!

There's nothing out here, Galahad!

I see some pine, Donk E!

I just can't get to them with the crusty snow!  Can you pluck them for me?
Hey!  Here comes Joe! got heat in that thing?

Hey, Donk E!  Joe's giving lovings!

It's so cold...I can't even run! 

I know!  I'm freezing!  Can I ride back with you?

My turn!  Donk E hug!  Warm the nose up!
Hey Joe... if you let me be a house Donk E...I promise I won't poo in the house!
Thanks, Dottie!  I'm feeling warmer already!

Mat!  What is that around your neck?

It's a scarf, Galahad!  It makes my neck warm!

Hey...Mat, buddy!  Think I can use it for a little while?

Can you ask Dottie if she has another one, Galahad?  I'm really cold!!  She's gonna make us some hot smooshed carrot stew!

Me first!

No!  Me first!

Hey!  Why aren't you guys coming in?  So what... if she didn't make the stew yet!
Maybe the stew's not here yet...
but the carrots are!  Thank you, Dottie!
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