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January 29 - Part 2

Dottie...Mat's getting hot!  He needs to go out!  Can I go outside with him?

Here, Piggy!  You go first!

Why... thank you, Mat!

We're gonna go on a woods walk!

We'll see how it is out there, Mat!  My belly feels cold, already!

Last one out the door is a sweetheart, Mat!

I'll make sure I give you a head start, then, Piggy!

Have a little snack at the bird feeder, Mat?

Don't mind if I do!


Follow me, Piggy!  That way you won't slip on the ice! 

 I'm right behind you!

Hey, Mat?  I'm going back to the house!  It's way to cold out here!  I can't suck my belly up any more than it already is!
Whoa!  So that's what ice skating must be like!  It was a lot easier in my dream! 
It's to cold for Piggy out here... and it's too hot for me in the house!  That's what the humans must mean when they say opposites attract!

It's so cold... my tail frozed in mid wag!

I'll walk you back to the house then, Piggy!

Let me grab a mouthful of seeds before I head in!  OK, Mat?

Take your time, Piggy!  I think it's nice out!  I'm not cold at all!

Wanna come in and watch a movie with me, Mat?  I'll have Dottie make us some pop corn!

Thats OK, Piggy!  I'll go back with the boys!  They're probably wondering where I am!  But I'll walk you to the door!  OK?


Make sure you tell everybody hi for me! 
It's way to hot in the house for me!  I don't know how she can stand it!
It's way to cold out there for me!  Look!  My tail's frozen solid!  How can Mat be comfortable in the cold like that!  Whew!  I'm sure glad I'm a house pig!
And to think!  Last winter, Dottie was building us a place to share on the top of the hill!  We would have been room mates! 
 Good thing Dottie changed her mind!  It never would have worked!  Piggy needs to be in the house where it's nice and ....toasty! 
Last winter I had to wear that silly sweater!  All the guys made fun of me!  I had baby fur, then!  This winter...I grew a really thick fur!  So I'm nice and warm!  My ears get cold... but if Dottie made me a hat...I'd never hear the end of it!
Hey you guys!  Mat's back!
Oh... here we go!
So where have you been, Mat?  Visiting!!
Yep!  And she told me to tell everybody hi, too!
Were you in the house, Mat?  You smell like the house! 

Piggy and I played some bowling!  We were gonna go for a walk... but it's to cold for her out here!

I like to bowl, Mat!  Why wasn't I invited?  Oh!  I wanna be a house donkey so bad!

Ha-ha!  Watch what you wish for, Donk E!  It's H...O...T in the house!  And they have all kinds of house rules you have to live by!  Like you can't poo in the have to keep all four feet on the can't eat anything...not even newspaper!  They have a bunch of rules!

That's OK!  I still wanna be a house donkey!
Donk E!  Will you give it up, on wanting to be a house Donk E!

Donk E!  You poo in the barn every single night!  You can't do that in the house!  You're a barn Critter... get use to it!

That's not my fault, Solly!  When I first came here as a baby... that was the first place I pooed!  So I figured that was my poo spot! 

And besides... I like to bowl!  We haven't bowled for months!  Piggy get's to bowl every day!  And she gets to watch TV! 


She's also house broken, Donk E!

I wouldn't poo in the house, anyway, Solly!

Oh... come on, Donk E!

Dottie?  Can't Donk E come in the house with me and Piggy for just one day?  That way he'll know what it's like!  Then maybe he'll be glad he's a barn Critter!

Donk E... I'm glad you're not a house Donk E!  I'd really miss not having you around!

You would, Galahad?

Definitely!  You're the sweetest donkey in the world!

Gee... thanks, Galahad!  You're the best alpaca, too!

Donk E... go ask Dottie if she can bring the bowling pins out so you can play!  I bet she'd do that for you!

Dottie... please bring the bowling pins out?  Pretty please?  I'll give you a great big Donk E hug if you do!  Oh!  I love getting hugs back!
Here she comes, Donk E!  I told you that would work!
Can I be next?
Hey!  I got them all down!

This is almost too easy!

Let me try, Donk E!  I like easy!

All ya have to do... is touch it with your nose...and it falls over!

Come on...Donk E!  Hurry up so I can have a turn!

Watch!  All you have to do is nudge it!

Can I try!

And they all... fall ...down!  Yeah!  Like ...that was hard! 

Even the chickens coulda done that!

Is it my turn, yet, Donk E?  Can I try?

I liked it better when we used the bowling bowl!  It was harder to get them down!

Well... can I try while it's still easy?

When you come back with the ball...can I go first?

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