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January 29

Piggy Has Her First Dream!

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Hey...Mat!  How'd you slip through the gate?  Where ya going?

I betchya he's going in the house to see Piggy, Solly!

Hi Juliet!

Hi, Mat!  Why so sad?

I miss Piggy, Juliet!

 The guys just don't understand!  Solly teases me 'cuz I love a pig!  Even though they love her, too!   And... Donk E!  He gets jealous because I get to go in the house, and he can't!  Even though I'm house broken... and...he poos ...wherever!

Well, Mat!  Why don't you just go pay her a visit!  I'm sure she misses you, too!

I was gonna, Juliet!  As a matter of fact...I think I'll go visit her right now!

 Hey, thanks for listening, Juliet!
Being with the boys is nice...but sometimes I really miss playing with Piggy!
She doesn't get out much because of the cold weather we've been having!  And the snow!  It snows almost every other day!
Hey, Piggy!!  It's me... Maaaaaat!  Can I come in to play?
Hey, Piggy?  Are you awake?  I want to play!  Wanna play?

Hey, Mat!  Hi!  I was just thinking about you!

I was just thinking about you, too, Piggy! 

I had my first dream!  And you were in it!   I dreamed we were ice they were on TV last night!  It was wonderful!  It was like we were flying!
What's a dream, Piggy?  And what's ice skating?
I was sleeping on my blanket...but it wasn't like I was sleeping!  It seemed real!  And you were with me!  Maybe you can see it if you get on the blanket!
OK, Piggy!  I'm on the blanket!  But I don't see anything!
OK!  My eyes are closed...but I still don't see anything!
Try laying down, Mat!  Maybe it only happens when you're laying down!
Nope!  Nothing... Piggy!
OK!  I closed my eyes, Piggy!  Nope!  I still don't see anything!  Wow!  This is really comfortable!
It's not working, Piggy!  Maybe because I'm a goat...and goats don't dream!

Or maybe you're just joshing me, Piggy!  That's're joshing!

No, Mat!  Honest!

Wanna play bop toy with me, Mat?

Naaaaa.... I want to go in the kitchen!  That's where all the food is!

We're not allowed in the kitchen, Mat!

Come on, Mat!  Play bop toy with me!  It gives food!

Naaaa.... I want to play something else, Piggy!  You tend to hog the bop toy!

How 'bout bowling?  Can we play bowling? 
We get treats for knocking the pins over!
One more to go... and I get a strike!  And a treat!
This is way too easy!
Hey, Piggy!  Let's use the ball to knock them down!  It's more of a challenge!
You have to use your nose to push the knock them over!
I can do that!

Ta-Da!  I got a strike!

Wow...Piggy!  Good job!

Oooops!  I missed!
I'll get it for you, Mat!  Then you go again!  OK?
Thanks, Piggy!  Hey!  I got another strike!
Good job, Mat!  Now it's my turn!
I got a strike, too!
Piggy!  You cheated!  You used your nose to knock them down!  You have to use the ball!
Like this!

There!  How's that, Mat!

Good job, Piggy!

Piggy?  Can we open the window and let some heat out of here?

Can't do that in the winter, Mat!  It let's the cold in!

That's the idea, Piggy!

Piggy...I'm too hot!  Wanna go outside with I can cool off?
Oh... I don't know, Mat!  Zeekie Kitty said it was wicked cold out!  Well... maybe just for a little bit!  But if I get cold...I'm coming back in!  OK?
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