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January 28

Dottie...I'm so face froze last night!
I fell asleep standing up with my head over the heated water trough!
I was so cold...I had to burrow under the hay to keep warm!
It's so cold...
...Solly's not even moving off his hay pile to eat ours!  It's that cold!

Can we go for a walm up walk?  I'll be good!  I promise!  No!  Really!  I learned my lesson not to be a bully!  Honest!

Oh...please, Dottie!  Don't let Solly be boss!'s too cold to go walking, today!  And the last time we took a woods walk...the snow was too deep for me!

I heard Joe out here with the tractor, Mat!  I bet he made us a trail!

He used the big orange tractor, Mat!  We're all set, now!

Hey Donk E...Galahad!  Come on!  Joe made us a trail to walk on!

Wow!  Joe snow blowed the whole trail off for us!  He is the best!

I can't believe how nice you're being to everyone, Solly!

I'm trying, Mat!  I didn't realize what a jerk I was to all of you, the other day!

I'll say, Solly!  You were nasty with a capital  N...A...S...T and Y!

Hey...Mat!  I resemble that remark!

I'll say, Solly!

Donk E...the snow's to deep to get to the pine trees over there!

I'm too cold to think of eating, right now...Galahad!


And nipping Donk Es ear like you did...that was the last straw for all of us!  We love Donk E!

I love him too, Mat!  I love all of you!  Really I do!  It must be my hormones!

Solly!  You don't have any hormones!  You don't even have testosterone!

Well...I'm glad you guys gave me that reality check!  I needed that!

That's 'cuz we love you, Solly!  Hey!  Look!  Oak leaves!

It's times like this that I wish Piggy were here!  She could dig through this in no time, to get to the good stuff!

All those pine trees out there, Donk E... and I can't get to 'em!  Snows too deep and crusty!

Galahad...have some oak leaves!  They're good!

Na...I want pine needles!  Wish I could get to them!

Donk E!  My ears are cold!

Mine are too, Mat!

I can't even dig through the's that cold!  My nose hurts!

I can't even get out to the pine trees! 

The snows just too deep and crusty, Galahad!  I tried...and it hurt my legs!

Almost there!  I can almost reach it, Donk E!

Lucky you!  Be thankful you have a long neck, Galahad!

Hey...Mat!  Where'd you get the pine?

Dottie got it for me!  Ask her to get you some! 

Thank you, Dottie! 


Can I have that one, out there?  No...not that one!  The one next to it!  Ya...that one!
When you're done with that, you want to head back to the barn?

I'm walking Mat back to the barn...he's getting cold!  Do you guys want to head back with us?

Wow, Solly!  You're asking us nicely instead of being bossy!

I don't mind Solly being the leader... just as long as he's nice about it!  And he's being nice!  Oh...look!  On oak leave!

My nose is cold, Solly!

Once we finish sucking up the bird seed we'll head back to the barn!  OK, Donk E?

Solly?  My ears are cold!  Galahad just started walking back to the barn.  Are you guys gonna come?

Ok... little buddy!  We'll head back now!  Donk E?

There's still more seeds left Solly!

Being nice is a lot better than being nasty!  They actually like me again!  I even like me!

Hey, Mat!  My nose is cold!

Well... warm it up, Donk E!

OK, Mat...thanks!

Whoa...Donk E!  Don't stick it there!  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I'm sorry, Mat!  It's just so cold!

I can tell, Donk E!

Donk E... try rubbing your nose around in the hay!
OK, Galahad!   It's worth a try!  (rub...rub...rub)
It's not working!  My nose is still cold!
Hey Dottie!  Can you make us a batch of hot smushed carrot stew with apple dumplings?
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