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January 27

Oh...Boy!  Colors!  I love playing colors!  Yes...Yes!  Let's play!
First thing I do is knock them over!  That 's the start of the game!
I get a pig pellet for doing that!
I only get one pellet per I taught Dottie four different ways to play the color game!  That way I get more pellets!
First we go through all the colors in order!  I have to point to each one to get a pellet!  I'm real fast at that!  The next game is to pick the colors in the order they go on the stick!  I have to push them to Dottie 'till they "click the stick"!  She has to put them on the stick for me...'cuz I can't do that...yet!
Here's the blue one!  Coming at ya!
Next is the green one!
Now comes the yellow!  Did you know green and yellow are John Deere tractor colors?  When Dottie ask me what the John Deere colors are...I push green and yellow towards her!  When she ask me for Santas colors...I push red and green to her!  I get two pellets for those tricks!
And purple!  That's my favorite color!
Last...but not orange!  Once I push the orange one to her, not only do I get a pellet...I get three more pellets for completing the trick!  How good is that!
Yes I want to play again!
Now comes the tough game!  I have to move all over the place as she calls out random colors!  It's not really harder... but it takes longer 'cuz she has me running from one end to the other! 
When she says purple...I have to nudge the purple one!
Now blue!   I want her to put them on the stick...but she just keeps calling out different colors!
Purple!  I do nudge each one...but when she takes the "action" shot"...some of them come out too blury!
Green!  Nudge!
Orange!  I'm stretching it so I don't waste time moving around!
Then she'll mix up the colors...and we do it again!  I can't wait to do my show for the veterans and senior centers this spring!  They're gonna love it!  And they'll clap for me and tell me how smart I am!  Then everybody's gonna rub my nose and pinch my cheeks and say "What a good little piggy"! 
Ah-ha!  This is where she trys to trick me!  When she says blue...and I point to blue...she'll ask me "Are you sure that's the blue one?"  Then I have to re-nudge it to prove..yes...that's the blue one!
This game is the last of our color games!
Dottie mixes up all the colors...
And it's up to me to point them out in the order they belong on the stick!
She doesn't tell me the colors...she just says "next"!
With this game... I don't even have to push them towards the stick!  I just have to nudge them!
Then Dottie picks them up and puts them on the stick for me!
I can do this faster than Dottie can put them on the stick!
All done!  That was fun!  I really worked up an appetite!  Can I have some lunch, now?
Oh...boy!  Fresh cranberries on the left and bananas on the right!
She likes to see which I'll eat first!
Definitely the cranberries first!  I usually get dried cranberries when I do my tricks!  But the fresh ones a really really good!
The bananas are really really good, too!
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