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January 25

Look, Galahad!  I'm almost as tall as you are!

Good morning, Dottie!  We've been waiting for you!

Did you bring us bread?  Or bagels?

Come on, Galahad...share your grain!

Dottie!  It got down to 22 degrees below zero last night!  You know what would be good right now?  Some nice hot oatmeal!

Ya...with apple pieces!

Hey you guys!  Here she comes with the hot oatmeal!
Did you put applesauce in it?  I like it when you make it with applesauce!
I don't ever remember it being this cold out!
Is my tail still there?  I feel like it froze off me!  Even my whiskers are frozen!

What's she have in the pan, Juliet?

It smells like apple oatmeal!  And it's steaming, too!  Just what we need to warm up our insides!

Chunks of apple!  Oh this is so good!

She even put some brown sugar in it!  How good is that!

Let me warm my nose for a minute!   Ahhhhhh...
(Big sigh!)  Ahhhhh...applesauce oatmeal with apple chunks!  Oh I love you, Dottie!
Yummy, yummy, yummy!  It's lip sticking good!
Ohhhhhhh!   This is sooooooo gooooood!
Maybe if I press my lips into it...they'll thaw!  Hey... it's working!

She even put apple chunks in it!  Sniff...and brown sugar!

Are you gonna eat that, Galahad?

Yes, Mat!  Why don't you go eat your own?

I already did!

I'm feeling warm all over now!  This was just what we needed after it being so cold last night!

Even the apple chunks are warm!
That was yummy!  Can I have seconds?
You dishing out seconds?
I love it when she cooks the applesauce with with the oatmeal!
Can we have thirds?
I'm all nice and toasty, now! 
We're down here, Dottie!  In the bunny den!  It's so cold up can see our breath frozen over the door!
Dottie?  Bunnie said she wasn't coming up 'till it got warmer!  She wanted to know if you'd toss some bread and carrots down the hole for her!
Hey Bunnie!  It's warm oatmeal with apple chunks!
I was really hoping for some French toast!  Annie can have the oatmeal!  She's under the light bulb and won't leave the heat!
Here comes Donk E!  And he's eying my oatmeal! 

Hey, Galahad!  You gonna eat all that?

Watch me, Donk E!

Awwww.....come on Galahad!  Don't cha wanna share that with the Donk?

Nope!  Back away, Donk E! 

Just a bite...Galahad?


If you don't back away, Donk E...I'm gonna alpaca spit ball you right between the eyes!  You want that?


Galahad...just a teeny tiny bite?
How 'bout a little nibble, then?
Can we have thirds, Dottie?
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