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January 23

I don't believe how cold it is, Mat!

 I'm sure glad the sun's out today, Donk E!  Being cooped up with Solly during the storm was no fun!

 It went down to 10 below last night!  Today it's only 1 degree!   Being stuck in the barn during the snow was making me stir crazy!  Nothing to do but eat!  And now I have all this energy!
Come guys!  Let's run!  You'll feel warmer!  Follow me!

The snow's to deep for me!  My belly would freeze!

It's so cold... I wish I had a scarf to keep my neck warm!

How can he run in that crusty snow?  It hurts my feet!  Solly!  You're being a show off!

Who you calling a show off, Donk E?

Ouch! nipped me!

I can't believe he nipped me, again, Mat!  That's the third time this morning!

He got me twice, Donk E... just because I didn't move out of his way fast enough!  He's mad about being stuck in the barn during the storm!   He needs to run and let off some steam!

But why does he have to let it off on me, Mat? 

He's been grumpy to all of us, Donk E!  Not just you!



Solly... you better stop being mean...or we're gonna tell Dottie!

Look!  You guys are just hanging around, complaining about the cold!

I'm telling ya... you have to keep moving!  Wanna get warmer?  I'll help you get warmer!

Come on, Donk E!  Get up there!  Keep walking!  Down the driveway again!

I'm tired of walking, Solly!  I want to stand in the sunshine and eat some hay!

Keep the feet moving, Donk E!

Solly...I don't wanna walk legs are tired!  I want to go back to the barn!

Stop your whining, Donk E!  You need the exercise!  You're getting round in the middle!  All you want to do is eat!  You need to run!  Burn some of that fat off!  So quit complaining...and do another lap down the driveway!

Gee...Donk E!  Solly really has it out for you today!

I know, Galahad!  He's been like that all day! moving... nip... nip... nip!  I can't take much more!

I know how you feel, Donk E!  He's even starting to get to me, now!


Oh no!  Here he comes again!

I think it's time you stood up to him, Donk E!   I think it's time we all did!

Solly... I don't want to walk anymore!   We've been doing this for hours!  

Are you warm, yet...Donk E?

A little...but I'm hungry, now!  I want to go back to the barn and eat some hay!

 Tell ya what, Donk E!  Do one more lap with me...and I'll leave you alone!  OK?

OK!  One more lap down the driveway...then we go back to the barn and eat some hay!
Where'd Solly go? 
Yee-Ha!  We'll make the last one the best one yet!

Come on, Donk E!  Give it all you've got!  Get up there!

Ouch!  My ear!  You nipped my ear!

Solly!  I saw that!  Stop it!  Enough is enough!

Solly!  That's it!  I'm tired of you nipping me!  There!  Take that!  See how you like it!

He He, Donk E!  You call that a nip?

Here!  Now that's a nip!

Ow!  My nose!  You just nipped my nose, Solly! 

Mat... I'm so sick of Solly bullying me!  I don't know what to do anymore! 

You need to tell him to stop bullying you, Donk E!

I tried, Mat!  But then he bullies me right back...only worse!

Then I'll talk to him for you, Donk E!  OK? better tell Donk E you're sorry... or I won't be your buddy anymore!   You're being a bully!  And we don't want to play with a bully!  And if you don't apologize to Donk E... we're gonna ask Dottie to put your pen back up and keep you there!

You're not serious! ... Are you, Mat?

Try me!

Hey....Donk E... I'm sorry I nipped your ear!  It's a horse thing!

Well... we're not horses, Solly!  We don't go nipping everybody and calling them names!

Donk E... you started it by calling me a show off!

Well you are, Solly!

And you're a wimpy whiner, Donk E!

I may be a whiner...but I don't go around hurting anybody!  Especially their feelings!

Hey, Galahad!  You believe Donk E getting all bent out of shape 'cuz I called him a few names?

It's not just the name calling, Solly!  You're chasing us...and then nipping us if we're not moving fast enough!  We asked you to stop...and you didn't!  You're being a bully!  And we don't want to play with a bully!

So... if you'll excuse me... I'm gonna go up with the others!  You can stay here and play all by yourself!  And when Dottie gets done with the chores... we'll all help her build your pen!

Wow!  Even Galahad's mad at me!  He never get's mad!

Hey...listen, Galahad!  I didn't realize I was being so bad!  I'm sorry! better go apologize to Donk E ...and mean it this time!  Or I'm gonna alpaca spit ball you 'till you turn green!  Got that?

I must of been pretty nasty to get Mat and Galahad mad at me...   

  Hey... Donk E?  Can we talk?  I want to apologize to you!  I mean... for real this time!

 Donk E...  I didn't realize how bad I was being to everyone!  I just wanted to warm you up!  Honest!

Well...  You didn't have to nip at us for not going fast enough, Solly!  It hurts!

  I couldn't help it, Donk E!  Honest!  After so much exercise... my adrenaline must of kicked in... and I got a little wild! 

 Well...Solly... next time your adrenaline kicks in... we're kicking you out!  Got that?  We're all tired of you being mean and bossy! 

I'll try my hardest to be nicer, Donk E!  I don't want you all mad at me!

You're serious, Solly!  You really do mean it this time! 

 Yes... I am, Donk E!  I'm sorry to you and Mat and Galahad!


Ok!  Now that that's all taken care of... let's go eat some hay!
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