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January 22

Good Morning, Dottie!  My... don't you look all bright eyed and bushy tailed!  Ha Ha... Not! 

Oh, ya!  Purrrrrrrrrr....  Belly rub!  Purrrrrrfect way to start off the day!
Nothing like waking up to an ice storm!  Dottie was afraid of the hawk netting over bunny land collapsing.  The plastic netting she put up in the summer was lighter than the 2 inch poultry wire.  She was wondering how it would do in the winter!  Not as good as the wire...that's for sure!  Now she has to break it all off before the next snow storm!
And to make it worse...the fox came by again, last night!  So she had to go around and double ... and then tripple check, just to make sure there was no way he could get into the critter areas!
He must be getting pretty hungry, judging from the amount of dancing he did in front of the pheasant cage.  No way he can get in there, though!  Dottie has half inch square, welded wire all around ... even underneath!

Joe and Dottie spent the day helping friends get the snow off their roofs and breaking up ice dams!  Then the snow came...and they were plowing and shoveling well into the night! 

This is what we woke up to!
Enough with the snow...already!
Hi Dottie!  I pooed in the wheel barrel for you!  That way you wouldn't have to clean up after me this morning!   Don't mention it!  Glad to help!
I know what this is!  It's a staple gun!  Shiny things come out of it and stick stuff together!

I watched how she did it, Mat!  I have to squeeze this to get them to come out! 

Nothing's coming out yet, Donk E!  Maybe you need to squeeze it harder!

See anything yet, Mat?

Nope...nothing yet!  Keep squeezing!  I know they're in there!

We were only trying to help!

What's going on out here, Mat?

 Dottie took the staple gun away!   We were just trying to help her...and she got all worried someone would get hurt!

You better give that to me, Mat!  You know you're not allowed to eat plastic!

Here you go, Dottie!  You dropped this!
Cool!  We get to go for a walk about!
Why are you locking us out?
Let me grab my ball before you lock the gate!
Hey, Dottie!  Hurry up and get your chores done so we can go for a walk!
First she had to put up clear plastic to keep the wind out...and let the sunlight in!
Then she had to empty, wash,  rinse, and fill our water trough!  The round thing floating in it ... is the water heater!  That's so our water doesn't freeze!
Then she stacked bales of hay to make sure Mat had a nice place to snuggle for the night! 
Then she had to make sure the girls got fresh water, food and hay!
And the other bunnies!
Fill up the bowls with fresh bunny pellets!  Make sure everybody gets fresh hay!
Give everybody fresh water...and make sure their heated water bowls are all working!
Fresh hay for the pheasants!
And pellets with cracked corn!
Fill and check their water bowl...and leave them some apples and bread for snacks!
Then she had to do the same for the chickens and duck! 
Finally!  She has to collect the eggs and bring them into the house before they freeze!

What do you have to do inside chores now?  We were waiting for you to take us for a walk!  You want me to take them?  Cool!

Hey, Galahad...what's Joe doing in our yard with the tractor?

Looks like he's taking the snow out, Donk E!

The ice storm  we had in between the snowstorms made it hard to walk in the snow!  So Joe's taking out the snow for us!
Now we have a place to walk!  That was nice of him!
Dottie...since you've been in the house...Solly's been being a bully!

Ya, Dottie!  Solly's being a bully!

I am not being a bully, you guys!  I'm being a boss!

You're the one who told me to exercise them!  So I did!
That wasn't exercise, Dottie...that was torture!  Oh... an ear rub!  Oh, ya!

Solly made us run up and down the driveway! 

Then when we didn't want to run, anymore...he made us keep walking! nose is cold...and my feet are tired!

Oh... alright!  Let's head back to the barn!

Come on, Galahad!  Keep moving!

Solly!  Stop bossing me around or your gonna get it!

Do you want me to get you with an alpace spit ball?

No, Galahad!  That's ok!

No when to hold 'em...know when to fold 'em!  And know when to walk away!

How'd you get outta being hit with a spit ball, Solly?

He wasn't armed yet, Donk E!  You only have to worry when he puts his head back like this! 

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