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Is that cantalope you have in the bag there?
Oh yeah!  And you feed it to me with the fruit side down so that I can taste it better!  What a sweetie!
Hmmmmm...Galahad's got a pretty good pile of hay there...
I...think...I'll...just...mosey on over...around the corner....and push Galahad away from the good spot!
I'm glad Dottie shoed HIM off the food...see how he likes it! we go!  This is why I feel Solly is so obnoxious!  He will just keep eating his way around the hay how he bullies!

Here we go!

Hey Galahad...this hay is pretty good!  You look like you have a pretty good pile there on the end!

I'll say!  It has the purple clover!  I love the purple clover!

Purple clover?  Hmmmmm....  You have some of those little yellow flowers too!   Let me see....oh ya! This is a good spot!  Move over some...will ya?

What?  I just found a good spot!

You just bullied me off it, Solly.

Solly....did you just bully Galahad off his spot?


He walked away, so it's fair game!

No I didn't!  Solly bullied me away from my spot! want some's some hay!  Ok?

That wasn't nice...Solly.

That's what we mean, Solly.  You're a bully.  And you're not being nice!

Nice...ha!  You want nice?  Here's some more hay...Okay?  Now go away!
Not enough?  Here...have some more!  Go on...take it!  Here!  Am I nice enough yet?
You just don't get ya Solly?
You want more nice?  Here!  Take the whole pile!  I insist!  Ok?  I'm sharing, now!  Am I nice yet?

Sharing is nice...Solly.

Ok...I shared!   I'm nice now!  Come your hay!


Wait a minute....there's alot of good stuff here!   Time to move on, Donk E. 

No, Solly...not this time!

Come on, kid...move it, before I'm not nice anymore!

You call that...nice?

No, Solly....I'm not leaving!  I'm going to eat this pile of hay!
I said move it, Donk E.  I'm loosing my niceness.

Okay!  I'm out of here.   boy...

Dottie...can you put my halter on me and let me out?  I can't take much more of him!  He just doesn't have a clue how nasty he can be!
Hey, Baaart Buddy!  You have the right idea!  This is way much better!  Ahhh!
Hey?  Can I come out, too?  I'll be good!  Nice.  Whatever!  Come on...let me out!

If you catch can keep us!  And we are keepers!  Peeper keepers!  Ha Ha...say THAT ten times real fast!  Only kidding!

My brother and I are off to our new on a farm.  And they don't have any chickens!  Can you imagine that?  A farm with no chickens?  Dottie said she can fix that!  These cute chicks are gonna take us home! 

Well, that was a nice visit!  And two of those roosters found a new home! 

Hay...Galahad...why does Solly have to be mean like that?  He gets his share of lovings...and more than his share of food...

Sollys growing up...Donk E!  He's trying to show that he's the boss.   It's his nature as a horse to want to be the leader... of a herd.  He thinks we're his herd. 

Well...Galahad...I'm from a herd.  I'm not mean like that!


You're a donkey...Donk E.  You're...different than a horse!  We're all different.... Take...playing...for instance! We all have our own way of playing...that the rest of us don't understand how that can

For instance...I head butt, you like to chase feet...solly likes to chase and nip...and Galahad, here, he likes to neck wrestle!  It's not fair, because he has the longest neck!  But that's okay!  We still love him!

We just have to all get along...and appreciate all the good things!  Like you being so sweet and gentle...Solly learning all those tricks so easy...Galahad working with special people...we all have gifts.   If he wants to be boss...let him be boss. 

Hey...we're different...and you still love me...hunh...don't cha buddy?  Ohhhhhhhhh...scratch a little the left, will ya?  Oh ya!
We are growing bigger every day!  Dottie's teaching us where the door is to go in and out of our pen.  That way if we get scared...we know how to go home and be safe.  She's done this a few times already!
Here we are...going in!

And here's me...The Verminator" ... coming out again...the others will follow me!

You thought I was kidding...didn't you!  We do this all day long.  In and and out!  Once we know the way back by instinct... she'll close the door and open the little flip door on the front  Then we can come and go as we please.  The little door stops the bigger critters from getting in and eating our food.    Although...that galahad...he sure has a long neck!  I saw him reach in to taste the bunny food!

I really do love Solly...he's my brother!  But sometimes he get's me so sad...and hurts me...inside.  I don't like to feel that way.  I want to play...and snuggle...and just be next to him.  I'm trying to undestand this "Boss" thing....but doesn't he "get" ...mean boy... bad boy... sad boy?
That's when he gets mean...and has to go into the bad boy pen...then he gets sad because he's all alone.  Go figure....even I got that!  Watch this!  This is what I have to put up with....


Here's Solly chasing me...
and chasing me...
and chasing me!

Running is good for you!   It makes you strong and keeps you healthy!  It's horse play!



Horse play!  It's more like tourture!  I like to run and play...but playing with Solly is like swimming with a school of Piranha!  He nips at you to make you run faster!  He should be a football coach...or a Drill Sargent! what he does now!

There's Solly...way down the field...chomping away, right?
Here I am...getting lovings....
and ear rubs...
Oh!  I love ear rubs!
Is he coming yet?  No...  He's still eating!
Let's try you have a carrot on you?
Now...I'm gonna eat this carrot very, very quietly.  Usually if he hears you crunch a carrot...he's right there!
slurp...slurp...that apple chunk was pretty juicy!

He heard me slurp apple juice?  No way!

He's coming up right behind me...isn't he?

Here he he's gonna bully me away!

Did I hear slurping?  I thought I heard crunching...but a truck was going by...but I definately heard slurping...


So I pushed him out of the way, and then chased him off a little further...that wasn't so bad...was it?
He should have been nice...but once he got his carrot...he didn't want to share anymore.  He wanted them he bullied me again.  Dottie let me out so I can eat off the tree that got cut down this morning.
Poor  Donk E...he just wants to be loved.  He's just a sweet lovable little donkey.  That Solly...if there's food...he wants it.  He said it's because he was a pasture horse before he came here...that's all they did was eat and chase eachother. 
Joe...she had a whole bag of carrots!  Donk E had to have at least two or three...shouldn't the rest of them to go me?  I mean...I'm bigger...and older than him...I should get more!
This cut down tree is pretty good!  Nice fresh leaves from the top...Even with my neck...I wouldn't be able to reach them!
Solly, why are you complaining?  You have the whole corral all to yourself!  You'd be out here with us if you could just behave!

We're taking a "walk about" to the big grassy field!

Too bad Solly had to stay behind.  We keep hoping he'll learn that if you're get to do all the fun stuff!  And when you're have to play by yourself.

This is the path to the big field!  This place is so peaceful...if you can listen past the sound of the traffic going by, up on the road! 
There's lot's of birds singing!  And every now and get to watch the big Blue Heron skim over the creek looking for fish!
There's lots of wild flowers in bloom...they taste just as good as they look!
It's such a beautiful day! 
It's so peaceful here!
So much for peaceful!

Hey Galahad!   Here's some really good stuff!


Galahad...I feel sorry for Solly!  He would like this!  He doesn't want to be alone...just listen to him whinny!
That's guys go eat in the field...I have some good stuff right here!

Come on...Solly!  Come out with us!

Dottie...can you let Solly out to come eat with us?

That Donk E...I'll tell you...he really has a big heart!

I promised Dottie that I'd be good.

Oh look at all that tall grass...I promise to be good...hey!...Galahad has the best good...I promise... I promise...I promise.  I want to be good...I do...I do!

Hey you guys...wait for me!  Come on, Dottie...move faster...they're gonna eat all the good stuff by the time we get there!


You... Promised!

Come on...chill out!  There's enough for all of us...and then some!

I'm!  I'm cool...I'll show them... I can be good!  Dottie said I had to learn how to be "kind" and "considerate" to others!  First of all...I don't even know what considerate means...but I said yes to it anyway! stay with me and I'll show you what I do that's gonna be so bad.  I don't think it's so bad!  It's normal to want the best spot to eat!  The problem is...someone else is usually already eating there!  I just seem to gravitate towards them...
Then Dottie leads me back to the middle of the field...

Then... I... slowly... eat... my way towards Galahad!

I think I just learned what some of  "considerate" means.  It must mean a bunch of was respecting someone elses space.  Every time I got too close to Donk e or Galahad...Dottie would tell me to back away.  Then I had to give them more space.  And when I would crowd them again...Dottie would tell me to back away...a lot further away... each time!

That's why the picture of Donk so far away.  I crowded him a few times...I guess!

So what do you think, there hope for him?

Welcome back! 

It's about time!

You're late with dinner! 

Once we walk through the gate...Dottie rings the dinner bell...that way we know we're gonna be fed.  I'm always the first one!
Once I walk through the gate...I have to stand still, and Let Dottie unhook my leash!  To do this...she says "head", and I place my head in her hand.  Then she unhooks the leash...and tells me to go.  Then it's okay to walk away.
I'm always last...because I'm the youngest!  It's a pecking order thing!
Gee... Solly!  I'm awfully proud of you... that you kept your promise to be good!  We had a great time...didn't we?
Maybe it was great for you...but I had to learn how to be considerate.  How to give you and!

I'm starting to understand the "considerate" thing... 

But the "kind" thing.... step at a time...


Work with me here!

What's up, Romeo?

Galahad...Is Solly really trying to be nice?

Yep!  He-He! But I'm not!!!

Run, run...little bunny...or  I'm gonna get ya!

You can't catch me DonkE...I'm too fast for YOU!  Ha ha yourself!

(I wouldn't hurt him if I did catch him... so don't worry!  I love this little bunny!)


Check out the new bunny house decor!  Mmmmmmmmmaple tree!  We all love maple tree!
We love to eat the fresh leaves!  The bark on the branches is good to eat, too!  Not only does it taste good...but it helps keep our teeth in good shape!  Our teeth keep growing!  We can't let our teeth grow too long...other wise we won't be able to eat!

Oh!  Look!  This is the same kind of tree as out there!

That is so cool!

There's even more over here!
Hey Dottie!  I'm being good!  Can I get a branch or two in here?  Please?  Love love love!

I guess it does pay to be good!

I oughta try it more often!

That was nice of Joe to cut the tree down and share it with all of us! 

Hey...come on....Donk Es calling!  Where is he?

Donk E...where are you?

Here I am!    I'm hiding in Baaarts house!

Did you know that he has his very own door?  He can come and go from his room to the yard...anytime he wants!  This is so cool!  It's like a secret door!  He kept it a good secret!  But I found it!

How come your behind the wire fence? Come out and play with us!

We'e still too young to be outside the fence without Dottie watching over us!

I'm just hanging by the barn while Galahad and Donk E go for a walk!

It's such a nice day!

Hey Galahad!  Their garden has all kinds of good stuff growing in it!

Come on Donk do NOT want to go in there...

Come over here...there's lots of purple clover over here!

Look at all this green stuff!  And wild flowers galore!


There's the old bridge...hidden behind all the viny things!

I saw Dottie sitting there...and I just had to mosey over ...and give her one of my famous Donk E hugs!  She says it's always an honor when a critter walks away from the food to give and get lovings.  I'm really lucky....cuz I get to do both at the same time, eat and get my ears rubbed!  How good is that!

Oh...this is a good spot! 

Dotties been working with me so that I can graze on a long leash...without her on the end of it.  I don't try to walk away anymore, so she's trying to trust me again.  The one time I walked away...a lot of people were worried sick...and looking for me.  All I did was go for a walk about in the woods.  I came back and went right into the barn. 

Dottie will keep walking up to me and then away.  I'm so use to that now...that it doesn't bother me at all.

Sometimes...not all the time...she'll slip me a piece of carrot!

Sometimes she'll hold onto my leash , tell me to stand (I'm not suppose to move), and then she'll say "head"...that's when I gently place my head in her hand.. 

She does this because... someday...I'll be placing my head on the lap of a person in a wheel chair.  Then they can pat my head and rub my fur!  That's what we're working towards.  I've come a l...o...n...g way!   But I still have a long way to go!  Dottie's hoping in two years...we'll be ready to do our work with the disabled.  She wants to teach Solly how to turn a light switch on and off, and how to open a door knob...but she's too afraid of what he might do with that knowledge!

I realized...when Baaart was talking to Donk E....  That this is our herd.  Baaart, Solly, Donk E...even Dottie and Joe ... they're a part of us, too!  This is like the first time I really thought about it like that!  This is my family!  ......Oh my.

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