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January 15

Hey!  Where'd everybody go?
They must of went on a woods walk!  I better catch up to them!

There you are!  You guys left without me!

We told you we were gonna go, Galahad!

Anybody up for a run?

I'll run with you Solly!

 I want to run, too, Donk E!

I wanna run, too!

What do you say, Galahad?  You up for it?

Ya!  I'll give it a go!

What do you say...Donk E?  You up for it?

You're on, Solly!

And...they're off!
Solly's in the lead!
And we're right behind him!  Well...almost!

Where'd Solly go, Donk E?

He's doing a second lap!  Man, he can run!

Hey Donk E!  Join in!
Look at him go!
Here he comes again!
I betchya I was a race horse in another life!
You sure are fast, Solly!
Anybody up for one more lap?

Will you let me win, Solly?


Now that he's tired...I might actually have a chance!

Where do you think they went, Mat?

We'll find them, Galahad!  They can't be far!

Hey!  Come on, you guys!  Solly's waiting for us up ahead!
Found an oak leaf!  My lucky day!
Here comes Donk E!  Finally!

You said you'd let me win...Solly!

I said maybe, Donk E!

You gonna eat that oak leaf, Solly?


Can I have a bite, then?

Know what, Donk E?

You can have the whole thing, Donk E!  You deserve it!  You ran a good race!

Thanks, Solly!  That means a lot... coming from you!

One...two...three... Red Light!

That's not fair...Solly!  You're cheating!

You have to close your eyes, Solly!

Ya!  How can we move if you don't close your eyes?

I can't believe those two still have the energy to run up the hill!

I'm happy to just be able to walk!  My legs are tired!

Hey, Dottie!  Do you think I could have some carrot pieces for a treat?
I want bread!  Can I have some bread for my treat?
How 'bout some apples?  With applesause?
Ok!  Where's our treats?
Me first!  Mmmmmm....bread!
Thank you!   Yum...yum...yum!

Are those Cheerios in your hand?!!  Oh!  I love Cheerios!

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