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January 13

Hmmmmmm... Donk E has more clover in his hay pile!
I'll just roll my hay pile a little closer to Donk Es!

I saw that, Solly!  Eat your own pile, will ya!

What are you talking about, Donk E!  I didn't do anything!  I am eating my pile!

Did you see that?  He's moving in on my hay pile!

I'm just moving mine around to get at the clover, Donk E!

Ya, Solly!  You're moving it closer to mine!

Am not! 

Next thing you'll be eating my hay!

Who?  Me?!

Solly!  You're hay pile is touching mine, now!

Ahh!  So it is, Donk E!

Here's where all the little clover flowers are hiding!

They're not hiding, Solly!  I save them for last!

Well...if you don't want your clover flowers...I'll get them out of your pile for ya!

I want my clover flowers, Solly!

Dottie!  Solly's eating all my clover flowers!
Tattle Tail!
Solly!  You have your hay pile over there!  Why don't you go over there and eat that!
Dottie!  Did you see what Solly just did?  He pushed my hay pile into his!
Solly's being a hay hog, again!
I better eat this pile before Solly tries to hog this one, too!
Hay hogging is definately an art!  And I am the artist!  He He!
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