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January 10, Part 2

I see Solly hiding on us!
Yep!  I see him, too!  He's hiding over by the power lines!
Ooops!  I think they saw me!
Won't Solly get in trouble, going over by the power lines?
Yep!  But we'll outsmart him by going the other way!
They're not even coming to get me!
Solly!  Come on!  We're not gonna get into trouble going over there!
Then I'll just play hide and seek by myself, then!
That Solly!  What are we gonna do with him?

What are we gonna do with him, Piggy?

We'll just walk the other way...and he'll come!

Are you sure, Piggy?

Yes, Mat!  I betchya as soon as he doesn't see us...he'll come looking for us!

I sure hope so!  We're suppose to stay together!  Remember?

Why don't we just head back to the barn?
Good idea!  Just as soon as I finish munching on these sweet little ferns!

Mat?  If Solly knows we're not suppose to go past the power lines...why does he what us to go there?

That's just Solly!  His name should be Trouble!   We'll just keep walking!  He'll come around!

Solly!  Come on!  We're heading back to the barn!
You guys didn't even come looking for me!

We don't want to get in trouble, Solly!

But Donk E...trouble's fun!

We like being good, Solly!  It's funner!  We get treats for being good!

Race ya back to the barn, Donk E!

I'm right behind you!

First one back gets all the treats!

No way, Solly!  Not fair!

Look at those guys run, Mat!  Wanna run with me?

Naaaa...  You run, Galahad!  I'll walk with piggy so she doesn't feel left alone! 

You are the sweetest, Mat!  See you back at the barn!  Ok?
Piggy!  Come on!  We're heading back to the barn!
I'm coming!  I'm coming!
Hey, Donk E!  I found an oak sprig!

Crunch, munch, munch!  Oh!  These are good!

Save some for me, Donk E!

Sorry, Mat!  Didn't mean to hog them!

That's better, Donk E!

Hey you guys!  Wait up for me!

That was a great walk, Mat!  Thanks for coming to get me!

I had fun, too, Piggy!  Thank you for coming!


Wow, Mat!  You just sprung right up there!

It's a goat thing...Piggy!

You have this cool ramp, Piggy!

Yep!  I'm glad I do, too!  Makes it a lot easier for me!

Hey Mat!  Wanna come in for a little?

Can I, Dottie?  Oh, please?  Pretty please?

What do you want to play with first, Mat?
Can we bowl for pellets?

You go first, Mat!

Ok, Piggy!  This one is mine!

That was fun!  What do you want to do next?
Come on, Mat!  Let's go through the hoop!
Zeekie Kitty?  Don't you get hot in the house?  I'm roasting! grew winter fur because you live outside!  Your thick fur is what keeps you warm out there!
OK... you guys!  I'm ready to go back outside!  I feel like I'm gonna melt!

Come on, Mat!  I'll walk you to the door!

Thanks, Piggy!

Think you wanna go for a walk tomorrow, Piggy?

We'll see, Mat!  The weather guy on TV said we're suppose to get snow!

Whew!  Much nicer out here!  Snow, huh?  That'll be cool!
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