Critter Encounter

January 10

Can Piggy come out to play?
Hey, Piggy!  It's me...Mat! 

Hi Mat!  What's up?

Piggy, wanna come out to play?

You go out the gate and down the stairs on your own, now, Piggy?
Sure do, Mat!  I had a good teacher!  You taught me well!
Hey, Dottie!  Can we go for a woods walk?  Pretty please?

This is like the fourth warm day in a row, Mat!

I know, Piggy!  Great day for a walk!

Let's go get the boys!

Piggy...thanks for getting us out!

Not a problem, Solly!  Though it was Mats' idea to go for a woods walk!

Found a good acorn spot, Mat!

You always find the good spots, Piggy!

All I smell is oak leaves, Piggy!

They're hiding under the leaves, Solly!

You have to dig with your nose, Solly!

My nose doesn't work like that, Piggy!

How do you do that, Piggy?  Dig with your nose?

You just go down to the ground...and push all the leaves away!  That's where you'll find all the acorns!

Doesn't it hurt your nose?  It does, mine!

Not at all, Solly!

I'm a pig!  That's what my nose is for!  Digging!  That's what Zeekie Kitty told me...and he was right!
Watch and learn, Solly!  Dig down...flip over the leaves...and eat the goodies!
That's easy for you to say, Piggy!  You are just amazing!
Hey!  Anybody wanna go for a run?
I do!

Come on, Donk E!  Race you to the wood pile and back!

You're on, Solly!

Hey you guys!  Wait for me!  I want to race, too!
I took a short cut!
Oh, boy!  Here they come!  I better get off the trail so they can do their fly by!
Piggys nose might be good for digging...but my legs were made for running!  Yee-ha!
Second, again!  Someday, Solly!  I'm gonna get you!
I don't even have to try hard to be number three!  I wouldn't want to be in front of them anyway!
Hey...where'd Donk E go?
Shhhh!  I'm hiding on Solly! come you didn't come running with us?
These short little stubby legs?  Keeping up with you guys?  I don't think so!

I'll walk with you, then, Piggy...if you want!

That would be nice, Mat!

Where'd everybody go, Mat?

They're hiding on us, Piggy!  But I can see them through the trees!

You silly Donk E!  Hiding on me!  I thought I lost you!

Nope!  You found me, Piggy!  Now it's your turn to hide!

Hey everybody...where's Solly?

He must be hiding on us, now!

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