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January 8

Hi Penny!  Trimming feet again?  Didn't you just do that a couple of months ago?
Their feet have to be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks?  I'm glad I'm an alpace!  I get them trimmed only once a year!
Once Penny snips off the over growth with her snips, she has to file it flat so my hoof is even!  She has a big file to do this!
She has to trim a little more off my "toe"!  She uses this very sharp knife that has a hook on the end of it!
I'm suppose to stand very still while she works on me!
Now she has to lift my leg, and pull it forward!  Then she files the outside so it's nice and rounded!
Ready for the rear feet!  First she has to clean out all the dirt that's stuck in my hoof!  Then she brushes it clean with a little brush!
Now for my other front hoof!  She works fast! 
File it nice and round!
Now it's Jakes turn!  He gets to trim my hind foot!  Working on us little guys is alot harder than working on the big guys!
I have a rock stuck in my hoof!  He's digging it out so that it doesn't turn into an before!
See the black spot?  That's where the rock was!

Now Jake's filing it down so it's nice and even, all the way around!

I love you too, Penny!  Hey Penny?  Can you do me a favor, and face the camera?  We never get to see your face because you're always working!
Much better!  Thank you!
Hey guys!  My turn, now...right?
Clean out all the muck!
Snip off the over growth!
File it down and round... nice and pretty!
Jake gets the hind foot!  Brush it clean, buddy!
For some reason...I had a growth spurt!  Look how much it grew out!

Thank you for keeping our feet healthy, Penny!

Jake's just snipping away!
You guys sure do a great job!
I love you too, Penny!

Now it's Penny's turn!  These guys work like a tag team!

Are we, like...almost done?  I'm getting hungry!
Of course I'm being a good boy!
All cleaned out, and ready to trim!
Jake's just doing the finishing touch!
Thanks for the new set of feet, Jake!
Can we go for a woods walk after...and try 'em out?
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