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January 6

Dottie?  I think I need my beak trimmed again!  It's starting to get over grown!  Do you remember what Dr. Emilie showed you?
Annie?  What are you doing in the house wrapped in a towell?  On Dottie's less!
I'm getting my beak trimmed, Purrrincess!  The towell makes me feel snug...and secure!
Does it hurt, Annie?
Not at all, Purrrincess!  It's just like getting your nails trimmed!  She just takes off a little at a time!
There!  Perfect!  This will make it much easier to eat!
Now she files it nice and smooth with a nail file!

And wa- la!  New beak!  What do you think, Purrrincess?  How'd it come out?

Purrrfect, Annie!  Just like a normal chicken beak! normal as can be...seeing you don't have a bottom jaw.  Well you do...but it's way over there!

Is it easier for you to eat with a trimmed beak, Annie?

Wait a minute, Purrrincess!  I'm getting my neck scratched!  Oh Ya! Little higher!  Ya!  Right there!

Hey!  Let's test it out!  What do you have for food, here?

Hey Annie!  That's a can of my cat food!

It's good, too, Purrrincess!

Just checking to see what's easier for me to eat!  But you know what, Purrrincess?  That stuff is pretty good!

Yes!  It is, Annie!  But it's called "cat food" for a reason!
Well, then!  Since I'm a chicken...and I'm eating it...I'll call it chicken food!

Annie!  Where have you been?  I've been looking all over for you!

I've been in the house with Dottie, getting my beak trimmed!

Hey, chicks...that's Annies food!

She said we could have it, Duckie!  She ate in the house!

Annie...You have food all over your neck!  Wanna wash up in the bunny bowl?  The bunnies are on a hop about, and won't be back for a while!

I do make a mess of myself, don't I?  The water's too cold for me, Duckie!  I could use a good dust bath, though!

Well...  I'm not gonna miss this opportunity!  The door's open!   The bunny bowl is heated!  What more could a duck ask for!
It does make it easier when you hand feed me, Dottie!
Even though Annie and I have our own heated water bowl... this one is bigger!
Suck up a little water...
Spread it around in the feathers...and shake...shake...shake!
At this will take forever!
I don't think the bunnies would mind...
It's a Jacuzzi!  Oh, Ya!  This is the life!
Oh!  Hi, Dottie!  Just taking a bath!  Their bowl is bigger than ours!
Oh...all right!  I'm out!  But I wasn't done bathing!

What's up with the water bucket, Duckie?

Dottie brought it out and filled it up, so that I could have a bigger bath tub!

Only trouble is getting in there!  It's so high!

Just hop up, Duckie!

Ok!  Here goes!

Whew!  Cold!  Cold!

The water's freezing cold!
Are you trying to turn me into a ducksicle?
Brrr..... brrrrrrrrr ... brrrrrrrrrr!
I'm going back to the bunny bowl!
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