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January 4,  Part 2

Ok!  Here we go!  I'm gonna try Up Pretty again!  You watching, Solly?

Up Pretty!  I did it, Donk E!  I up prettied!

Now you have to say "Ta - Da", Galahad! 

Ta - Da!

Good boy, Galahad!  Now smile!  You have to smile!

How's this?
I want to do it again!  Up Pretty!  Ta - Da!
That was my best one, yet!  Did you like it?
It was beautiful, Galahad!  Now we can all up pretty for the show!
That was easy!
Well...once you get over your fear of trying something new!
Can I have my treat, now?
Thank you!
Hey!  I want a treat, too!
After all.. . I showed him how to do it!
Oh...ya!  Ear rub!  Good Dottie!
How come it took Galahad only three tries to do up pretty...and I've been working on it for a week now?
He's been watching me work hard at it?  That made it easier for him to learn?  I can handle that!
Hey!  If you're gonna copy my act...The least you can give me credit for it! 
 If you let me out... I'll show you how the rest of the trick goes!
You mean...there's more?
Yep!  Next you have to go over to the tall stump!  Then get a leg up!
Then you have to push yourself up... and get your other foot up there!
Say "Ta - Da"!
"Ta- Da"!
Here comes the next part!  You watching this?
Now you have to raise your foot really really high, and give it to Dottie!  Like this! 
Now she's gonna ask me if I've been a good boy!
You have to move your head up and down!  For those of you on the other side of the can't see me doing this 'cuz it isn't a video!  Soon, though!
Now!  Then she's gonna ask me if I've been a "bad boy"...
I shake my head really hard side to side!  That means "NO"!
Here's a funny!  Sometimes when she asks me if I was a bad boy... I shake my head yes...'cuz I know I did some bad things she didn't catch me at! guys!  Let's see how long it takes you to learn all that!  He He!
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