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January 4

Today's the day that I "Up Pretty"!  I know it is...I can feel it!  I want to up pretty in the worst way!  Well.. not the worst way...more like the "Best" way!

You know what that means... don't ya, Donk E!  That means you're gonna do it!  And I'll be right there with you, when you do!  We'll do it together!  OK?

Good for you Donk E!  That's the spirit!
Remember!  One foot up...two feet up!
But you have to get your feet up... for it to be an up pretty!  Think you can you do that?
Once you're up there...then you have to say..."Ta-Da"!  And then smile!  You have to smile!  The humans love that!

Go on, Donk E!  Just keep telling yourself, you can do it! 

I've been doing that, Solly...and it hasn't worked yet!

You can do it, Donk E!  I know you can!

Don't everybody get your hopes up!

Come on...Donk E!  Ready?  Okay... say "Up Pretty"!

Up Pretty!  Up!  Up!  It's not happening, Mat!

Come on, Donk E!  Lean forward!  Keep your head up!  And then...UP!  Get your feet up!

Up Pretty!  Up!  Up!  Aargg!  Up Pretty!  ...Up!  ...Up!  It's not working, Mat!  They just won't go up!

Donk E!  Go over to the shorter stump...say up pretty... and just push yourself right up there! we go!  Up pretty!  Up pre... 

You did it, Donk E!  You're up!

I am?

I knew you would do it, Donk E!  I just didn't know when!  Good boy!

Well... I'll be!  How do I get down, now?  Do I get a treat?  Can I take a break?  Can we go for a walk?  My knees are shaking!

Ready to try again, Donk E!

Up Pretty!  I did it!  I'm up, Mat!

Good job, Donk E!  You got right up there!

Whoa!  It's a long way down, Mat!

Don't look down, Donk E!

Remember what Solly told you, Donk E!  Keep your head up!

Ok!  It's up!  Now what, Mat?

You're suppose to say "Ta-Da"  and then you have to smile!


"Ta-Da"!  I'm smiling!  This is my smile!  Now what?

Let's take another break, Donk E!

I don't want to take a break, Mat!

We always leave our training on a good note, Donk E!  That way... you get happy to try it again, later!

Oh... all right!  Do you think I can have some apple slices?  I really deserve them for this!

Hey...Galahad!  Watch this!  Up pretty!  Ta-Da!

Whoa, Donk E!  You did it!  You can up pretty, now!

Wow, Donk E!  I'm happy for you!  I wonder if I'll ever be able to up pretty!

I'll teach you, Galahad!  All you have to do is say "up pretty"...and then do it!

Oh, ya!  Then you have to say "Ta-Da"  and then...Smile!  I'm smiling!
Ok...Donk E!  I'm ready...  I think! 

Come on, Galahad!  It's so easy!  I'll help you!  Then we can all up pretty!

Easy, huh? 

Ok...Galahad!  Say up pretty!

up pretty!

Galahad...ya gutta put some heart into it!  And get your feet up there!

Up Pretty! 

Up Pretty!

That's it, Galahad!  Now get both feet up there!

Up Pretty!    Whoa! 

That's too far, Galahad!  Step back!

What just happened?

Why didn't you tell me I could go too far?

 Can we have our treats, now?

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