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Is this a great day or what!

Welcome back to our world!

Lot's have been going on, and everyone's growing up so fast! you have any carrots?

Dottie named me the  "Verminator" , because I ate 27 slugs in one day!  Plus...I'm the biggest of the duckies.  They kinda look up to me cuz they think I know what I'm doing!  When they learned how to swim I would just tell them..."on the top...make it look easy!  But underneath...paddle with everything that you've got!
These are my litter mates!  They don't have names yet.  The red thing is our feeder.  We stick our beaks through the holes to get to our food!  Then we go to the water and get a drink...then back to the food!  Then back to the water...then back to the food!  That's pretty much our day!  We get to rest on the wood in our pool...that's pretty cool!

Hey!!!   Where'd the water go?

This thing floats in our pool!

Where's the water?

We have a new floating thing!

Come on...check this out!  It's cool!

It's way easier to climb up on!

Wow!  These things are really, really good!

What are they?


I think we're called..."EWWW...Slugs!"

We're slimy...and gross!

Kinda like a snail without a shell.

When we move...we leave a trail of slime...and it's toxic to alpacas. 

We don't have any natural enimies...except for ducks!

Arn't you glad you're at the top of the food chain?

Hey, Dottie... can we go for a walk?

Ya!  That's a great idea!  Can we?

Pretty please?

With sugar on it...and maybe some applesause?

I'll get my halter!
Here...take it...quick...before Solly comes!

Okay!  I'm dressed!

Let's go!

Did I hear someone say go for a walk?

Good idea, Donk E!

Ya...I think so!


I learned this from Solly!  The "break away"!  I run between Solly and the leash...and try to get Joe to let go of the Solly and I can run together!  Remember the game...Red Rover, Red Rover?  Kinda like that! 
Joe wasn't to happy I tried to break Solly loose.  It didn't work, anyway.  Joe was waiting, because Dottie warned him that I might try it!

Ha!  Ya!  And I was a GOOD boy, cuz I didn't bolt!

I'm learning this good boy stuff!  It goes against my nature...but it works for me!

Poor Donk E!

He knows he was bad, trying to break Solly loose like that!

Hey Joe...I'm sorry, buddy!

I won't do it again...I promise!

We think it's funny, because then we get to run and chase eachother and race to the big green feild at the end of the trail! 

I'm so glad you still love me!


Hey, Solly....I'm really sorry I almost got you in trouble.  I just wanted to get you free so we could run together!
Hey...I got to be a good boy today!  That doesn't happen very often!

Solly!  I'm kinda proud of you myself!

I must say!  It's rather nice seeing you two get along! 

Okay!  Let's go get some food, now!
Come quackers...follow me!
Hmmmmm....I wonder what she's gonna do now.
Never mind the tools, Donk E....there's food in this bag!
This is the new door to the duck pen!  Joe made it!
What ARE you guys eating?


I can't eat that turns my face all red!

Could we have some cheese...please?   And extra sause?
Come on, Solly...push over...quit hogging all the lovings!
What happened?  It smells like pine trees!  The stuff is all over the place!
These fresh pine shavings are so's like sleeping on a soft fluffy cloud!  That I can eat!
I'm getting an ear rub!  Oh...that feels so good!

Good Morning everybody!  Come on....come on!  Every chickie out!  Let's day!

Dottie locks us in at night to make sure we stay safe!

What do we do now, Mom?

Look for bugs!   The early bird gets the worm!

Ya...but we're not a bird...we're a chicken!

Hey!  Come on you guys!  She has the door open!
Come on!  Race you to all the morning bugs!
I want attention!   You can't do the yard chores if you don't have a barn rake!
Wayne and Wayne Jr. came to visit!  It's Wayne Jr,'s 22 nd birthday!  He wanted to spend it with us!  How special is that!
Wayne thinks he's taking ME out for a walk!  I'll show him!  As soon as he drops his guard....I'll pull the leash from his hand and make a mad dash for it!  Ha Ha...pretty soon...

Hey...I'm a horse...I do those things!

Please don't bring me to the time out don't want to go!

Aw...come on, Wayne...I was only trying to see if you were giving me all the attention! were slacking!   You...should go to the time out pen!

I really took to Wayne!  I was watching how he is with the other farn critters...he's special!  I think I shocked every one when I let him walk up to me and touch me.  I trust him!  And he's trusting me!  That's what makes ME feel good!  It made Wayne feel pretty good, too!

Dottie put us in the training stall, where we can work on communicating!  That's where Wayne tells me what he wants me to do...and I do it!  I like training in my stall because no one else can interfear!  The attention is all mine!

Here he asked me to lay down.  He puts his hand on my back, and presses down lightly...and I lay down!  It's that easy!

I stay down till he tells me to get up!  But first...he has to take off my halter.  That's scarey for both of us!  He unhooked my halter and didn't even pull any hair!  And he slipped it off my nose and it was off before I knew it!
Once he tells me to get up....I get up!  I have no fear of him patting me!  This is great!  I've wanted to enjoy getting lovings...but was always so scared.  Like I was gonna get grabbed and sheared, or get shots, or get my feet trimmed.  But I'm not scared anymore!  Thank you Wayne...for being so gentle and trusting!  You helped me get over a big one!
I have a new buddy!  We have that male bonding thing going on!  It does help that he has a bowl of cherioes!  I love those little round things!  I think I love him...too!
Who's your buddy...Buddy!
Now I have his Dad patting my back, too!  It's a little out of my comfort zone...but I'm doing good!  I think I'm really liking it!
This is too good!  Food AND lovings!  I really like this guy!  Can we keep him?
You want me to hop up and get the bread from your fingers.  I get that!  But how come when I hop pull your hand away.  And they call ME a chicken!  Ha!

I am so scared right now!  I'm being held for the first time, and I can't feel anything under my feet!  Wayne...quick...tell your Dad I need to feel something solid under my feet, to make me feel safe!

Ah...that's better!  Thank you!

This is pretty nice!  I'm being snuggled, and it feels good!

Pick me up!  Pick me up! me down...put me down!

I have to go!

Ooops!  I'm sorry about that!

I tried to tell you I had to go!


Hmph...I mean Er-er-er-er-errrrrrr!

Hi Wayne!  Is that a carrot in your hand?
I know this picture is blurry, but it's special, and means alot to me!  My uncle Wayne and I have quite a history together!  We did alot of camping and hiking back in our younger days!  He reminds me of all the people I made happy!  And how many people I made smile!  And how many people I gave love to, and got love back!  I do have quite the fan club!  Ah....I have such a good life!

You got to do all that with your uncle Wayne?

I really like his son...Wayne.  We got to go for a hike today...just him and me!  It was so nice to be out there walking through the woods!

Is he coming out now?

What's keeping him?
Forget the carrot...wanna go for a walk?
Hey don't have to go!  Please stay?
Hey Galahad...don't worry...they're just going in for lunch!  They'll be back after they eat!
I'll be waiting right here for you...okay?

That's a first!  I've never seen Galahad take to anyone like that!  He sure has come a long way!

I know!  They really have a bond thing going!

I'm so happy for Galahad!  He's got a friend!

What is that?  Don't get too close!  It could bite!
Walk around it...but don't get too case it moves or something!
Look at these tiny wings I'm growing!

Weeeeeeeeee!  I can fly!

Well.....not yet!

Check out the tail feathers!  I'm loosing my yellow baby fluff, and growing real feathers!  They're white, too!

So...what do ducks do all day, you might ask?

We eat...constantly!

Then we wash the food down with a drink of water!

And then we eat again...and then get another drink!'s still here!  What IS it?

It smells kinda like our food in the tray!

Hey...I pecked it....and it didn't peck back!

Be careful!'s okay!  It's food!  It taste good!

Did you say...


Yum yum yum yum yum!

Yum yum yum yum yum!

Donk E, don't you even think about hogging all the lovings when they get back!
Don't look now...but here comes Solly. 
Lovings?  Did I hear someone say lovings?

Ah!  Fresh hay!

Made my day!

Out of my way!

Hey....I'm a poet!  Ha ha!

Maybe if I close my eyes, and make a wish......he'll disappear!

Nope...didn't work!  He's still here!

Oh was worth a try!

Donk E, that wishing stuff doesn't work!

I know....I've tried!

Ha Ha!  I think we've all wished for that!

And he's still there has to be a reason!

Hey...I heard that!

I'm the one who does all the tricks for the show!  I'm the star!

Can a horse be a Diva?

He sure acts like one!

Okay...time for bed...every duckie in!

Good night everyone!

See you in the morning!

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