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January 3

We had a visitor last night!  The fox!
She came right up to the fence and sniffed at us!

Right up to our poo corner!  Good thing there's a fence here!

When Donk E came over to scare her away...she went over to the pheasants cage!
Then she ran up the hill into the forest!

We're ok, though!  Just a little shook up that she came so close!

She looked hungry, too!  Thanks for locking us in every night!  I mean it!

  Can we go for a woods walk?

Hey, Joe!  Can we follow the fox tracks? 

Hey Mat!  Did you see the fox last night?

Is that what it was, Romeo?

Donk E wouldn't let me near the fence!  He kept pushing me back up the hill!

Were you scared, Romeo?

I was sure glad the fence was between us!

I'll tell ya, Romeo!  I was sure glad Donk E scared it away!  He was so brave!  Running back and forth like that!  I'm so proud of him!

I know!  Me...too!

Gutta go, Romeo!  I hear them calling me!
Come on you slowpokes!  Keep up with "The Kid"!
I'm waiting!  Should be any second, now!  Once she tells me to walk ahead... I know she's gonna tell me to turn around!  Wait...wait...
I knew it!  Now I have to turn around and walk back to her!   That's ok...'cuz I get a carrot piece for that!
Can we have carrot pieces, too?
Now I want lovings!  Love love love love love!

Solly?  Aren't we heading to the power lines?  Won't we get in trouble?

It's OK as long as Joe's with us, Mat!'s a no-no!

Joe, buddy!  Got a Cheerio on you?

Not even a crumb?  You sure?

Race ya around the loop, Donk E!

You're on, Solly!

Look at them go!  I love watching their fly bys!  From the side line!
Here they come!  Wow!  That was fast!
I'm the winner!  I'm the winner!  Left Donk E in the dust!  He He!
He beat me again!  I like to think of it as coming in second...not last!
Let the young ones get the running out of their system!  Me?  I'll find some tender young pine trees to munch on while I wait for them to come back!
Oh...ya!  Sweet and sticky! 
Come to papa!  Doesn't get much better than this!  We don't get to go down these trails unless Joe and Dottie are with us!  Lots of nice tender pine trees out here!
It's so quiet and peaceful out here!  Quiet?  Peaceful?   Where is everybody? 
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