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January 3     Part 2

Oh boy!  I did it again!  Too busy loving the pine to keep track of my herd!  Which way did they go?  Solly?  Donk E?  Mat?

Galahad!  Come on!  You know you're suppose to stay with the herd! 
If you don't stay with us...Dottie's gonna put a leash on you!
Don't want that!  I love meandering through the forest!  I just forget to pay attention once I find a really delicious pine tree!
I know how you feel, Galahad!  I have the same problem!  Come on...I'll walk with ya!

It must be a goat thing, Galahad!

But Mat... I'm an alpaca!

Whatever!  Same difference!

Ya!  Whatever!  Huh?

Finally!  Here comes Galahad!  Hey!!!  Where's Mat?

I'll get him, Solly!

Here we go again, Joe!

You know they're gonna get lost again...dont cha?

 There you are, Mat!  Time to catch up!

Mmmmmmm!   Look... Galahad!  Found a good one!  

There's more up ahead, Mat!

They're all waiting for you!

Oh!  They're waiting for me?  Race ya back...Galahad!

He!  He!  He!  Waiting for me...are they!
The little bugga didn't even give me a chance to get ready!
He's almost faster than Solly!
How does he do that?  Oh!  There they are!
Come on!  Get up, there!  You know how Solly gets when you lag behind!
Great!  Now where's Donk E?
I'm right here, Solly!  Walk on!  Just making sure everybody stays up front!

Come on, Galahad!  You stick with me!

Are we heading home now, Solly?

Look...guys!  I found an oak sprig!
It's mine!  I got it first!
Findies...eatsies!  He He!
Did you see that!  Did you see that?  Solly just bulldozed me to get to my oak sprig!
I didn't mean to do that, Joe!  I saw food!  I had to eat it!  I couldn't help myself!  It just "happened"!  It's not like a wanna be a glutton!
Here's a nice oak sprig! 
Solly didn't see it... or he would of ate this, too!
Here, Dottie!  Can you give this to Piggy for me?  It even has one of those acorn thingies on it!  She likes them!
Thanks!  Hey!  Make sure Solly doesn't get it!  OK?
That was nice of you, Donk E!   She couldn't come because the snow's deeper than her belly is high!
Joe's ringing the bell!  That means everybody in the corral!  And I'm late!  Again!
OK...we're all in!  You can close the gate now!  Just waiting for my name to be called, so I can get my treat!
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