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January 1     Part 2

Hey Mat... wanna practice up pretty?

I already know how to do that, Solly!  Let me get Donk E!  He wants to learn!


I'll go get him, Solly!  Then we can both learn!
Oh, boy!  What did I get myself into?

Come on, Donk E!  Wanna practice up pretty? know I can't up pretty!  My feet don't go up!

So that means I'm gonna be the only one to up pretty for the show, Donk E?  Because your chicken to even try?

I'm not a chicken, Solly!  I'm just scared!  Not of the up pretty...just the up part!

Haaaaa.....bribing me with a piece of carrot, are we?

I don't want to look, Donk E...or I'll want the carrot!  I'm trying to be good, here!

Can I have that piece of carrot?  I stepped up!  That was good!

Hey... Galahad!   That carrot was suppose to be for me!

Ok!  I'm gonna do it!  Ready?  Up Pretty!  Up Pretty!  Up Pretty!  See?  Nothing!  I tried three times!  Can I still have the carrot?

ahhh... Donk have to lift your feet up!  That's the whole thing to up pretty!

I tried, Solly!  My feet don't want to leave the ground!

Here we go again!  Up Pretty!  Up!  Up!


Hey, bit my butt!  Why'd ya have to do that?

Incentive!  Come on, Donk E!  Try it again!

Up pretty!  Up pretty! 
Up...and over!  Wow!  I jumped it!
Impressive, Donk E! 

I didn't know you could jump!

I didn't either, Solly!  I didn't mean to do it!

I was afraid you were gonna nip me again!

Hey!  At least we know it worked!  Try it again, Donk E!  You're getting close!

You're not gonna nip me again...are you, Solly?

Who?  Me?

Up pretty!  Up...pretty!  I trying!  Up...pretty 

It's just not working, Solly!

Oh!  A quitter...are we?

I'm not a quitter, Solly!

Could have fooled me, Donk E!

Donk E...try holding your head up!  Maybe that would help pulling your feet up!

Ok...I'll try it!  Here goes!

Okay!  Up pretty!  It's not gonna work, Solly! 

Try harder, Donk E!

Up!  Pretty!  Pretty please up?  Up!  Up!  Ok!  I tried!  Not gonna happen today!  I'll try again tomorrow, Solly!

You can't quit, Donk E!  I made it my New Years promise to teach you how to up pretty!

You can't do that, Solly!  A new years promise is to do things to better yourself, not someone else!  You gut enough to do...just working on you!

I know...Donk E.  That's true!  But helping you was one of my promises!

Oh!  Wow!  Know what, Solly?  Then we're gonna do it!  Ready? Up pretty!  Up pretty!  Almost got it that time!  Up pretty!  Up!  Pretty!  Up pretty!

Wow...Donk E!  I'm impressed with your determination!  Goooood joooob!

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