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January 1
Happy New Year!

It's New Years already?  What happened to the last one?

So...what are you wanting to change about you, Mat?  It's a new year thing!

Me?  I don't want to change anything!  I like me!  How 'bout you, Donk E?  Is there something you want to change?

I want to up pretty!  So I don't want to be afraid of heights anymore!  I'm gonna work really, really hard at it!

Dottie?  Can I switch hats?  I really like the green one!
Please can I wear the big green one?

So...what do you think, Mat?  Is this me...or what!'s definitely you, Donk E!

Hey, Mat!  Here's a big pink hat for you!
You wear the pink hat, Donk E!  I'll wear the green hat!
I don't want to wear the pink hat...I'm a boy!

Can I trade with Donk E?  I like the green hat!

But I'm wearing the green hat, Mat!

Can I wear a neck thing then?  The red one?  I look good in red...don't I Donk E?

Please, Dottie?  Let Mat wear the red thing!  That way I can keep the green hat!

Yep!  Red is definitely my color!

What happened to the hat, Mat?

I like the neck thing better, Solly!   This looks nice...don't cha think?  Besides...I don't like pink!

Gee, Mat!  The pink hat would match my pink neck thing! 

But pink's a girl color, Solly!

I like pink, Mat!  It's calming!

We should paint you pink then, Solly!  Come on...let's go get you the pink hat!

You don't want this, Solly!

Yes...I do... Donk E! can't have it!

I want the pink hat!  Now...Donk E!

Whadaya think, Galahad!  The pink goes with my hair?
Not bad!  Hey... Solly?  Is there anything you want to change about you for the new year? 
Well...ya, Galahad!  Lots of things!  I want to be nicer.  I know I get bossy... and I eat everybodys food...and no one likes it when I do that!  That's what I'm gonna work on for the new year!  Be nicer!
Ha!  Could of fooled me!  I saw how you got that hat from Donk E!  There was nothing nice about that!
You saw that?!!  You're not gonna tell Santa...are ya?
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