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December 29

I've been trying to help Donk E with his up pretty...but now he won't even walk the plank!
I can teach Donk E up pretty!  Maybe it will help me get on Santa's "nice" list!

Solly...I've been trying!  Donk E just doesn't get it!

Well, Mat...let me give it a try, OK?

It's not gonna be easy, Solly!  Donk E's afraid of heights!

He is?  But Mat...this isn't even that high!

It is for him, Solly!


Donk E...all you have to do is put one hoof on the log and say up pretty!  Then you put your other hoof on the log...and go "Ta - Da"!  It's that easy!
But it's so high, Solly!  OK...I'll try!  Up Pretty!  It's not working!
Mat was right!  Donk E just doesn't get it!

Solly?  Do you think you could teach me how to up pretty?

Oh, great!  Now everybody wants to up pretty!

Donk E!  Come on!  We'll learn it together!
If I can do can do it!

Are you really afraid of heights, Donk E?

Yes, Solly!  I am!  My tummy gets all nervous and grumbly!

Donk E...there's nothing to be afraid of!

Tell that to my tummy, Solly!

Come on, Donk E!  Grow some courage!

That's easy for you to say, Solly!  I'm a donkey...not a horse!  I like my feet on the ground!  It's gutta be a donkey thing!

Donk E!  Just say up pretty and put your feet on the stump!  What's so hard about that?

I cant, Solly!  I'm getting queasy just thinking about it!

Donk E?

What Galahad?

Maybe it would help if you tried it from the other side?

Donk E!  Once you get up...close your eyes so you don't see how high it is!

Be up high with my eyes closed?  I don't think so!  I can't do it, Solly!

Donk E... try it!  Tell yourself "Up pretty"...then do it!!

Up pretty!  I'ts not working, Solly!  I'm too scared to get up there!

Donk E...look!  It's not even that high!

It is from up there, Solly!

Solly?  Can you teach me up pretty? 

Sure, Galahad....up....pretty...ta-da! try!


Ready, Galahad?  Say...up pretty... then put your feet on the stump!
Up Pretty!  
Now what do I do?
Oh boy!  This better put me on Santa's nice list!  I should get a whole watermellon next year! 
Donk E...start small!  Try the short one first!  Up pretty...feet up...ta-da! 
Then you come over to then next one...say up pretty...and put one foot on the stump...then bring your other foot up! 
You have to get your feet up, Donk E!  Then you say Ta-Da!

It's not working!  They just don't get the "feet up" thing!

I'm gonna teach you how to up pretty if it kills me, Donk E!

Okay...okay... up pretty!  It's not working, Solly!

Try it again, Donk E...up pretty!  Now get up pretty!

I'm out of here!  Solly's starting to get aarghed!

Mat?  Do you think you could teach me up pretty?  You can up pretty, pretty!

You want me to teach you?

That's it...Donk E!  You got a foot up!  Good boy!  Now... put it up here!

I can't get the other foot up at the same time, Solly!

Dottie...I'm never gonna be able to up pretty!  I've been at it for an hour, now!  It's not working!
Tomorrow's another day?  Ok...I'll try again, tomorrow!
Hey you guys!  Get back here!  You didn't up pretty, yet!  This was gonna get me on Santa's nice list! 
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