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December 25
Merry Christmas!

The Santa Bunny came!
That was Santa Bunny?  I didn't even get to see him!  What do I do now, Momma?

Go see what he brought you, Shadow!

Will you come with me Blue Bunny?

We'll all go!

Carrot and apple pieces!  Cool!  But Momma...we get these all the time!

Well they are really special today, Shadow!  It's Christmas!

Hey!  Dottie's here!  Come on!

Can we have our Christmas Sock now?  Can we?  Can we?  Hunh...hunh?

Mat...calm down, will ya?

Please can we see what Santa left us in our stocking?


Pretty please?

Ok...we'll eat our breakfast first!
Let me see!  C...h...e...e...r...i...o...s...
Cheerios!  Santa brought me Cheerios!
A whole box of them!  I didn't even know they came in a box!
Crunch...munch...munch!  Oh... these are good!
Donk E!  That's mine!  I got a candy cane!
I smell apples!  And carrots, too!  Oh!  Boy!

Whadya get, Donk E?

I got apples and carots and peppermint pieces, Galahad!

Hey...I didn't get any peppermint pieces, Donk E!

You didn't ask for them, Galahad!

M...A...T!  That's me!
I can't reach it from here!
Hey, Dottie!  Can you do me a favor?
Can you dump my goodies in here for me?
Whoa this is the big naughty or nice test!
I didn't know Santa had a list of all the bad stuff I did...
If I knew that eariler...I would have been a lot nicer!  I was so bad...there's probably nothing in there!
It feels empty!  No!  Wait a minute!  There is something in there!

I'll just dump it out and hope it's not a chunk of coal!

It's a chunk of coal!
So, Santa...think I was naughty...then?  I'll show you what naughty is!
Whoa, boy...we're all in for it, now!


Santa left the watermelon for Solly?
Well... maybe if I try to be good for next year.  A year is a long time to be good, though!  I was really wishing for a piece of watermellon!
Do we have to tell Solly the watermellon is his?  Oh...all right!
Santa did leave me watermellon!  He believed I'd try to be good!
I hope he doesn't hold that little "show him what naughty is" thing against me for next year!
I got to visit Gramdma and Grandpa!  Here I am taking a nap next to Grandpa!  All he had to do was reach down to rub my ears!
Grandma got me this cute little Christmas dress for Christmas! 
I got to unwrap my own gift from Santa!  He got me a blanket with little piggys on it!
Yes, Grandma...I've been very good!  Now give me that Banana chip!
From all of all of you!  We wish you a Merry Christmas!  And may all your wishes come true!
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