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Santa Visit
Part 3

Are those jingle bells I hear?
Santa...I have everything I need!  Can I give my wishes to other people?
All the children with no families?  I wish for them all to get adopted!
And all those people who are sick, with no cure?  I want them to be able to be cured!
And I want people to never have to worry about food...and shelter...and heat!
I know that's alot to ask for, Santa!
But you're Santa!  You can do anything!
I love you, too, Santa!
Santa...if you have time...can I show you some of the tricks I do when I do home visits?
I know all my colors!  I can count to four, now, too!
It, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange!
That's the red one!  You have to put it on the stick for me!  Good job, Santa!
I learned Christmas colors!  Red and green!  Those are for you!
That reminds me...all the people I get to visit that get no visitors?  Can you send them some?
I can knock down one, two, three...or all four pins!  You just have to name a number!
Oh!  And Santa!  Could you let Donk E be a house Donk E for even just one day?  That would make him very happy!
I can flip this tire over three times in a row!
One more thing!  Can you make Solly be nice?  I'm sure everybody is asking for that this year!
I have one more trick to show you before you go!  I learned it just for you!  You're gonna have to help me!  Ready?
While you sing Jingle Bells...I'll jingle the bells!
One more thing, Santa?  I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!  Thank you for making everybodys wishes come true!
Our story is our gift to you!  If you've enjoyed can regift us to others you know who would enjoy us also!  Thank you and God Bless!  Merry Christmas to you and everybody you know...from all of us here at Critter Encounter!
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