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Santa Visit
Part 2

So you're Santa Claus....hmmmmmmm?
I've been a very good boy!
How do you know I've been naughty?
You really do have a naughty list?  Hey...why's my name the only one on there?
Come on...Santa!  Do you really expect me to believe that?
Yes, Santa...I did do that...

How'd you know I did that?  I made sure no one was around!  Santa sees everything?  For real?'re name's all over the back of the list, too!

You have a whole year of all the bad things I did?  That's not good!
Well....ya....I did that, too...
But that wasn't my fault!  Donk E opened the door...I just push my way through to get to the food! 
Well...I might of dared him!  Only because I didn't believe he could do it!  I tried to open that door a million times!
If I try to be really good...could you bring me some watermellon?  I'll try, Santa...but it won't be easy!
Thank you, Santa!  I hope your talk with Solly works!  I'll let you know!
Will you remember to bring me Cheerios, Santa?
Cheerios!  How'd you do that?
Watermellon!  I want watermellon for Christmas!  I'll be good!
You think you can feel my horns growing back?  Oh!  Thank you, Santa!  That's all I wanted!  Thank you!
Hey E!  Can I ask for some carrots and apples...seeing Solly's gonna be good, and all!
You sure I can't give Solly to you for Christmas....and then you can regift him to somebody else?  Just checking!
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