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Santa Visit!
Part 1

So we hung up our socks on the barn door with care...
In the hopes that Santa Claus soon would be here!
We're all being good...which is really a feat!
Hoping that Santa will leave us a treat!
That's my stocking!
That way I can get more treats!  It's a lot harder for me to be I should get more!
It doesn't work like that!  Does it Dottie?
When will he be here?
Hi Santa!  Remember me?  Maaaaat!  I got to sit on your lap last year!  I'm way to big for that this year!  You brought me carrots and apple pieces!  They were good, too!  Thank you!'re Santa Claus?  You have way longer face fur than I do!

Ya, Galahad!  This is Santa Claus!  The guy I told you about!  If we've been good...he brings us treats!  See?

Wow!  There really is a Santa Claus!

Hey Mat...I'm gonna go get Donk E!

Santa?  All I want for Christmas is my horns to grow back! 

I didn't think so...but it was worth a try!
Can I ask you for more carrot and apple pieces then?  Thank you, Santa!
Santa?  Those are apple pieces!
I was hoping for cheerios!
Oh!  It's not Christmas yet?  It's still a few days away?  Ok, then...I like apple pieces!
Santa!  That's my food bowl!  How'd ya do that?
I can't believe Santa is feeding me dinner!
You feed your reindeer their grain evey night?  Cool!
Well...if they can trust can I!
Santa?  How'd you get your reindeer to fly?
So... you're the Santa Dude...hunh?
You're gonna grant me one wish?
Whoops!  Sorry...wrong story!
So...let me get this straight!  I can ask you...for...anything?
Could you like... take Solly and give him to a little girl who was hoping for a pony?
I'm sorry, Santa...but he's so ... irksome! 
You're gonna have a talk with him!  Straighten him right out?  That would be cool!

Oh!  Thank you, Santa!  I believe!

psst...sure you don't wanna make some little girl really happy? 

See what I mean, Santa?  He just pushes his way through and takes over!  You better have that talk with him real soon...or I'm gonna load him in your sled myself!
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