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December 20

Joe found us...not one...but two... perfect Critter Christmas Trees!
He had to drag them out of the forest!
Wow! guys...LOOK!  It's our Christmas Tree!  We have two!
Oh!  Boy!  Our Christmas tree!

 Let's eat it! 

 Munch ....munch.....munch!

Hey, Joe!  Thanks!  It's beautiful!

Ya...and delicious...too!

What's with the branches?
Those are for me, Donk E!  I love to eat the bark!
Hey Dottie!  You know the other Christmas tree you have tied to the fence?  You Know!  The one we're NOT suppose to eat?  
Ya!  That one!

Shouldn't there and carrots hanging on it?

Ya... and strings of popcorn!

And cheerios, maybe?  With cranberries?

Ahhhh...aren't we supposta get a Christmas sock, too?  So Santa can fill it with treats?
Can we have our names on them? 
Oh!  Oh!  Can I have my nane done in red glitter? 
Can I have my name done in red glitter, too?

I want my name done in silver glitter!  And outlined in red glitter!

You can do that, Donk E?

Can you write "Galahad" in pretty handwriting? we go!

Can I help ya, Dottie?  I like glitter!

I'd like to help...too!

Can I help, too, Dottie?

When you put my name on my sock...can you use a little creativity?  I really want it to stand out for Santa!

Hey momma!  Look what Dottie brought us!'s delicious, too!  What is it?

It's our Christmas tree, Shadow!  Santa Bunnie will be coming by!  And if you're a good girl...he'll leave you carrots and apples!

Santa Bunnie is coming to visit me?  Have I been good, Momma?

Yes, Shadow!  You've been a very good bunny!

Look, Juliet!  It's our Christmas tree!

It's nice and fresh, too, Romeo!

Juliet!  This is so good!  (Munch...munch...munch!)

I know!  It's still sappy!

They must of just cut it this morning!

Munch...munch...munch!  Mmmmmmm!

Hey, Romeo...slow down!  You're being a glutton!

But it's so good, Juliet!  Munch...munch...munch!  So sweet and sticky!

At the rate your going, Romeo...we won't even have a tree for Christmas!

I can't help it, Juliet!  This is really good!  Munch...munch...munch!

And what do we have here?
It's our Christmas stockings!
Hey, Romeo!  Come here!  Check this out!
We need our Christmas tree in here with our stockings!

I like the red stocking!

Can't have the red one, Romeo...that's mine!

Perfect!  Now we're ready for Santa Bunny!
Now...if I can just unhook this lock...I can get in the coop and eat all their left over grain!  Hmmmmm!
I didn't know you were watching me from the bunnie house!  You're not gonna tell Santa...are you?
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