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What is she up to now?  Whenever this wagon comes in...there's a change that's gonna happen somewhere!  There's no tools!  Where are her tools?

Ok...I smell....hay

I smell...chicken food

I smell....what is that smell?

This is where the baby ducks are now!  Dottie put them in with the rock thing so that they can adjust to the outside! In here...they won't be bothered by anyone trying to eat their food!
This is our new home for awhile!  We even have a pool!  Dottie put rocks in there so we can clinb out when we're done swimming!  We get clean fresh hay every day!  Right now...we're huddled in the corner because we're scared.  We'll get over it soon enough!  We have food and water and hay to snuggle it is rather nice!
I knew I smelled chicken food...but those things in there are not chickens!

They're called ducks...Solly!

And they're only babies!

There's six of them!

And they don't eat carrots!  That's a good thing!

It is so hot out, today!

 I had to dig a hole in the sand...just to keep cool!

Good day just to chill out and keep cool!

Why is our hay bin up here now, Galahad?

Because I got nervous having to pass it to go into my stall.  If Solly's out...he hogs the space, and won't let me go into my stall!

I like it up here!  We get a good breeze up here on the hill!

Mmmmm....this is really, really good!  Chopped apples, raisins and wallnut pieces!  What a treat!
Here's empty now...can we have some more?  That was really good!
Did Donk E say there was food in the black bucket?
Out of the way, Donk...the food is mine!
Dottie...Solly's being a bully again!

What did I do now? 

I didn't chase him away...he ran when I started coming over to see what he had!

Hey...there was still stuff in it, so I cleaned out the bowl...was that so bad?

Here I am again!

In the bad boy pen.

I don't want to be a bully.

I don't mean to be a bully.

It's just my nature...when it comes to food!

Good thing Solly can't get to my bowl...I got Cherios!
You can have some of our food, Baaart!  You always share yours with us!
I got a carrot!  Thank you!
This is my beautiful baby chick!  My, how she has grown!  She's almost a chicken, now!

Aw...don't leave me.

Please come back!

I love our time together!

We are getting more comfortable in our new surroundings!  This is the food tray...where we get our food from!  We are growing fast, and eating mosquitos...yum!  And with all this rain...well...there are plenty of them out there!

Oh...Goody!  I got carrots for desert!

Can you believe...I'm just now starting to shed?  That's how cold it's been!  What a summer!  And it's almost over, already!  Where does the time go?

Bunny food...carrots...

Let me try to slip my head through here...and see if I can get to it!

Okay!  Okay!

I was just checking!

I've got plenty of stuff over here!

That Solly!

No ones food is safe when he's around!

I don't believe how much he can eat...and still stay so trim!

Maybe I should be eating horse food instead of chicken food!

Hey Dottie...I'm trying to hand you my halter....but it won't reach your hand!  I'd love to go for a woods walk!

It won't let go! 

Oh!  I was stepping on it!  Ha Ha on me!

The water got too warm in my foot Dottie cleaned my tub out...and is filling it with clean cold water!
I dip my feet into the cold water to cool off!  That way I don't get my fur wet!

Ew......It's too cold!


Ah!...that feels refreshing!

You just have to get use to it!

The water is still a little too cold for me...
Hey...can we go for a walk till the water warms up a little?

Here's where Dottie and I came to a compromise!  She points to the barn and says..."inside".  I walk into my stall and lay down. 

She kneels down next to me and says "head".  I put my head on her knee.  Then she holds out my halter...and I slip my nose in.  Then she reaches around my head...touching my ears (which she doesn't need to do)...and buckles the buckle!  Then she says" leash"...and hooks the leash on my halter!  Then she takes the time to scratch my head and neck to make sure none of my fur gets stuck and pulls.  Then she says" up"...and I get up!  I know I'm going for a I work with her! makes her happy!  We like that!
Then we get to go out and munch the grass!  I use to not like having a halter on, cuz it meant either the vet for shots, the shearer dudes for a hair cut...or the guy who trims my feet!  All of them not fun!  But here...when I get my halter means we are going for a walk...or going into the corral to eat the grass.  Good things!

This shows how thick my "fiber" has grown since my haircut!  This is why we try not to get it wet when it's hot out!

Can you imagine wearing a sweater this thick when it's 90 out?  The good thing is...the mosquitos can't get through it!  But they do get to my belly!  I don't have much fur there!

This smells like a good spot for a dirt bath!

Naw...'s a good spot!

Going down!

Gutta make sure i work the dirt into my fur really, really good!

Now I have to work the dirt into my back!

Itchy back...itchy back!

Oh Yeah!

Dottie...Why do you say "roll over"  every time I do this?


You want me to do it again?


You want me to "lay down" now?

How's this?

Play dead?


Hey...can you scratch my belly while I'm down here?
Do I at least get a carrot for all that?

Go for a woods walk?!!  Sure!

You don't have to tell me twice!

Ah!   Baby pine trees!



And what's over here?!!

Bigger baby pine trees!

How delightfull!

And over here?
Even BIGGER baby pine trees!

Oh Oh....the bugs found us!

I'm trying to get them off my belly!


Time to head out of the woods and back to the barn!


This is much nicer!  I'm helping out by getting the high spots!

Here's another way Dottie and I compromise!

She puts me on a long leash so I can eat in a bigger area...

and she gets to read a book and chill too!

It works for the both of us!

She always finds time to give me a good back scratch!

Do I have a good life or what!

When you have have it all!

What's up with Solly?


He wouldn't let Donk E eat his breakfast, so Dottie put him in the time out pen...again!
I thought she took it apart because Solly was behaving himself!
Here I am again!  Now she puts me in Galahads corral when I've been bad.  There is absolutely nothing to do in here.  All I did was chase Donk E away from the food.  I would have let him eat after I was done...if there was anything left!

Serves you right, Solly!

We all share the food here...except for you! 

Dottie...there's no more carrots in the carrot bucket...

Can we have a refill?

Well, at least we can eat in peace, now!

This fresh stuff has a lot of clover in it!

Dottie...We're done eating...can we play now?

How 'bout bowling?


Oh!  Boy!  Bowling!

I got my first strike the last time we played!


Ha!  One left standing!

How'd that happen?

Hey Donk E...isn't it my turn now?

Galahad....Let me try that again! 

Naw...never mind, Donk E...I don't want to play!

Don't go away, Gal!

Ok!  I'm rolling the ball!

Look out!

Here it goes!

What happened?

Did she glue this one down?

I got to take over the big pen!  I'm having some trouble getting up and laying down, Dottie let me stay in here where there's more room for me to move and walk around!  I still have my own door to go in and out of!  This is like my own little apartment!

I don't know why I have to be in here by myself!

Because you bully me, Solly!

I'm just trying to play with you, Donk E.

You play to rough!

Hey, Donk E...wanna race?  Last one to the end of the fence is a looser!

You're on Solly! fair!  You got a head start!

Looks like you're a looser, Solly! 'bout two out of three!

You're on!

Come on...Donk E!

You're slowing down!

You're sure giving me a run for the carrots, Donk E!  Hey, Donk...your shoes untied!
I can't believe the little bugger is actually gaining on me!

Ha Ha Solly!  I win...again!

But that was a good race!

I guess you're the looser!

Yep...I'm a looser. 

Yep!  You won the race, Donk E, fair and square!

Pant, pant, pant....

That was the fastest I ever ran!

Should I tell him...I let him win?


I get to hang out on a long leash, so I can eat where I want!  Every now and then, Dottie will walk up to me and say either head or touch.  I have to stand still, and either put my head in her hand, or stand to let her pat my neck! 

Hey Dottie!

What you gut there?

It that a juice bag?


Wild Cherry!




Didn't think I could suck through a straw?

Dottie makes sure that she holds the straw I don't suck it in!

Good to the last drop!
What is she going to do with this chicken wire?

The door's open!

She never leaves that door open!

I wonder what's in there?

Here's the new duck area!  It's wat Dottie called a permanant,  temporary quick fix!  Since we have been coming into her life...everything here is a permanant temp!  The duck area is supose to have a pond with a waterfall.  That's why all the rocks are gathered there!  But that won't happen 'till the fall, when it's cooler out!

I saw Dottie dragging the hose up here!

When she saw me lay down....she knew I wanted to get cooled off!

She's letting the water run under me!  It feels sooooooo gooooood!

Galahad...what's with all the water?

Dottie's filling my foot bath for the baby ducks to swim in!

You mean to tell me, that those little yellow things get all this room...and your foot bath?
Oh yes....that's the spot!   To the left a little.....back a little....more to the left!   Ya....right there!   Oh I love you!
Hey bout coming up for some air so that I can get a peck or two in the bowl!
I am so lucky!  I get the fuzzy stuff from the top of the corn!  This is the best part!  And they save it for me!
I get the rest of the corn husks!  Notice how I put my hoof on it to help hold it down...while I tear it apart?
Here we are in our home!  We like it here, the best!  We have a floaty thing in the water to rest on....we have a huge area to go into at night...we have grass and hay...and all the bugs we can eat!
What ARE you things?  You peep like chickies, but you have wierd feet!  And you swim?
I can't wait for the duckies to get bigger!  They eat the slugs, which are toxic to alpacas.  The slug slime can make me very sick, so it's good to have something that will eat them!  With all the rain...there is a bumper crop of slugs!  The big duckie we call the vermanator!  He just doesn't stop! 

Hey Dottie...can you open the door?   I'd like to go in now!


Here's my halter, Dottie!  I'm really gonna be good today!  Honest!

Hey Solly, wanna play?

Don't bother me, Donk...I'm trying to be good today.

Look Donk E...I'm trying to be a good boy today, please...let me just eat...okay?

You be good?

I'm trying!

Can you believe Solly wants to be good?

Hey Solly...the hay is really good on this side!


The hay is good over on this side too, Donk E. 


Ya!  You're right!  I guess I'll try a little from your side!
Don't push me Donk E.  I'm trying real hard to be nice to you!

Solly...I'm eating your hay...mmmmmmm...

How long do you think you can be good?

Oh Solly....I'm touching you!
Back off, Donk E,  or I won't be nice any longer!

That young whipper snapper really knows how to push my buttons!

I should be proud!  I taught him everything he knows!

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