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December 19

All the boys are under the bird feeder!
Oh...Look!  Here comes the house pig!
Hi Boys!  Nice day to be out!
Who let you out...House Pig?  Or should I say Santa Hog?
I know when I'm not wanted....
I just can't understand why!
Is it 'cuz I'm a house pig...or that I got to meet Santa last year?  Or that I have a Christmas Tree...and a stocking?

I've never felt so alone!

Hey Piggy...wait up!

Piggy...Piggy!  Come on...wait up! know that Donk E is just a little bit jealous that you're a house pig!

He hurt my feelings, Mat.  It's not my fault that I live in the house!

Piggy...they've been like that to me, too...ever since I told them you have a tree and a stocking!  They don't think it's fair that we got to see Santa last year...and they didn't get to go!

But Santa gave them carrots and apples...didn't he, Mat?

Ya...but they didn't get to sit on his we did!

There she is!  Hey Piggy...wait up!  Donk E didn't mean to be mean!  Tell her, Donk E!
Hey you guys...wait for me!

Piggy...I'm really sorry I said those things to you!

Donk E...don't talk to me!

But Piggy!  I really mean it that I didn't mean it!

Donk to the tail!

But Piggy...I am very very sorry I hurt your feelings!

Donk E...go away!

Eww...Donk E!  You really ticked her off!

No kidding...Solly!


So what should I do, Solly?  Piggy won't even talk to me now!

Tell her you really do love her and that you were a jerk!

I really was a jerk...wasn't I, Solly?

Yes! really need to talk to Donk E...he didn't really mean to hurt your feelings!  He's just hurt himself!  You know how bad he wants to be a house Donk E!

I know...Mat!  But still...

You can't just call someone a House Pig and a Santa Hog...and then say you didn't mean it!  He must feel that way about me...otherwise he wouldn't of said it in the first place!

Piggy...with all my heart...and a promise to never call you a house pig again...I'm sorry! 

Or a Santa Hog, Donk E?

Or a Santa Hog...Piggy!  I promise!  Just don't be mad at me...I'm mad enough at myself!

I'll forgive long as you promise to not call me names ever again!

I promise, Piggy!

OK, then! you really have a Christmas Tree?

Yes, Solly...we do!

And a Christmas stocking?  With your name on it?

Yes... I do, Solly!

Piggy?  Does Santa really have a naughty list?

Yes he does, Solly!

Hey!  I know...why don't you guys just ask Dottie for your own Christmas Tree?
That's a great idea, Piggy!
Can we ask for Christmas stockings, too?  With our names on them?
Do you think she'll take us to go visit Santa?
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