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December 18

Oh!  Piggy!  You have the hoop!
Check this out, Piggy!
I learned this from Donk E!

Ta - Da! looking?

Hey, Piggy!  What else do you have to play with?
How 'bout bowling, Mat! 

Remember this?  Knock the pins down and get treats?

Ya!  Got a strike!  Where's my pellets?
I love bowling!  Easy treats!
Oh!  A cranberry!  Thanks, Dottie!

Ok...I'm done bowling!  What else you gut to play with?

We have this new pop up toy!  I just got it!
When you press the little green bubble...a critter pops up!  The other things can pop up too...but I don't know how to do them, yet!

All I have to do is press the green thing? 

That was cool!  I wonder what the rest of them do?

Hey Piggy?  Did you learn any new tricks?

Yep!  I jingle the bells when Dottie sings Jingle Bells!

You push it three times...wait a second...then push it three more times!
Bells on a stick!  Cool!
Shake...shake...shake!  Wow!  It's music!
I betchya Donk E would like this!

Hey...Piggy?  What's this?

That's our Christmas Tree, Mat!

You get a Christmas Tree, Piggy?

Well...ya, Mat!  That's where Santa puts the presents!

What's up with this, Piggy? 
That's my Christmas Stocking, Mat!  Santa fills it with treats!
Wow... I can unerstand why Donk E wants to be a house Donk E!

Where ya going, Mat?

It's too hot in here for me, Piggy!  I'm gonna head back to the barn!

A Christmas tree and a stocking...
Wait 'till I tell the guys about this!
Hey you guys!  Wait 'till you hear this!
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