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December 17

What are you wearing on your head, Donk E?

It's my Santa hat, Solly!

Well...Solly...I figure...if Santa is watching me to see if I've been good or bad...if I make him happy...he might even leave me an extra carrot!

Hmmmm...he might have something, there!

Hey Dottie...if Santa gives everybody gifts...
...who gives gifts to Santa?
Can we give him Solly?
So how does he get all the presents to everybody?  In one night?
He puts all the presents in a sack ...  and delivers them in a magic sleigh???
Santa has eight flying reindeer?!! 
That's so cool!
Hey Dottie!  Look what I found!  Antlers!
I'm gonna ask Santa if he needs another reindeer!  
I want to be a reindeer, too! do I fly?
I like the red antlers better than the green ones!
I wanna wear the Santa hat!
I'm kinda worried about this "naughty or nice" thing...
Maybe if he sees me wearing the Santa hat...he'll give me a couple of extra carrots!   He He He!  I mean Ho Ho Ho!  Ha Ha!
I don't know, Solly!  The way you act...Santa's probably gonna give you some of those coal things!  You can't eat them, either!
Come guys!  Do you really believe Santa knows who's been bad or good?

Yes..I do...Solly!

Gee... you think I even have a chance at this "good" thing?

What if I'm good 'till he gets here?

Ya...right Solly!

It doesn't work like that!
You hafta be good all the time!  Right, Dottie?

He Haw...Solly!  You have as much of a chance of being I do of flying!

Hey!  I can be good!  Come on, you guys!  I do have my good days!

Solly...I could count your good days on my hoof!
Ya know, Donk E...all of us have been naughty at one time or another...
Not me!  I'm good all the time!

I wonder if Santa does the "forgive" thing?


Hey... Dottie?  Can you define "naughty" for us?
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